LLC Change of Address

LLC change of address refers to the process of changing the address of your limited liability company. To do so, you must contact several government agencies at both the state and federal level. Failure to do so can lead to you missing out on notices important to your business and even to you having your LLC suspended. The process of moving your business is a complicated one, but even so, the step of changing your address and notifying the proper agencies is too important for you not to do it.

Changing Your LLC’s Address with the State

To change your LLC’s address with the state, you must first consult your articles of organization and all certificates from any other states that authorize you to conduct business in your current state. Because the address change form is a state form, the form’s name and number will vary from state to state. To find out exactly what it is, go to the website of your state government and search for the “Certificate of Change” form, an example of which can be seen here.

Once you have found it, fill it out and submit it either by mail or online, if the latter option is available. It is recommended that you make a copy of both the form and the filing fee check in case they are lost in the mail. Similarly, if you file online, you should print the confirmation page for your records. The filing fee will vary from state to state.

Likewise, the rules for address change will vary between states, but in most cases you will have to give your new address to the state in which your LLC originally formed, as well as to any state in which your LLC is registered for business. To do so, you will most likely have to mail your address change form to the Secretary of State’s office or to the state agency that processes business filings.

After you’ve done this, you should call them a few weeks later to make sure your submission was received and processed. To learn what the filing requirements for each state are, contact the state agency that handles business filings.

Changing Your LLC’s Address in a New State

If your LLC moves to a different state, it will need to be registered in that state with the state’s Secretary of State business division. When you do so, you may not have to form a new LLC in the state, but you will have to register your LLC as a “foreign” LLC in that state.

If you intend to leave your old state entirely, you can simply let the registration in the old state lapse. However, you may be required to notify some states of your intent to leave for a new state. Meanwhile, in your new state, you will have to register with the Department of Revenue so they can collect taxes.

If you had any permits or licenses in your old state, you will need to cancel them when you leave. These same permits or licenses will have to be registered for in your new state.

Changing Your LLC’s Address with Other Parties

Along with changing your LLC’s address with a new state, if necessary, you will also have to change your LLC’s address with various other entities, including:

  • All local, state, and federal taxing authorities.
  • Licensing agencies, if your LLC requires state or local business licenses.
  • Your bank, from which you will have to order new checks with your new address.
  • Any lenders, suppliers, vendors, or other people or entities with whom you regularly conduct business or interact with.

Changing Your LLC’s Address with the IRS

If you are simply moving within your current state, then you will not have to change any of your existing IRS documents, such as your employer identification number (EIN). However, you will have to file Form 8822, which pertains to changes of address. On this form, you can indicate if you merely desire to change your mailing address or if you desire to change the address at which you receive IRS notifications regarding your LLC’s income, employment, excise, and similar tax matters.

For changing your LLC’s address in localities and states where you file taxes, you should visit the taxation department websites for the departments in question.

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