1. LLC Articles of Organization Sample
2. What Are Articles of Organization?
3. What Information Is Needed When Filing Articles of Organization?
4. Guidelines on the LLC name
5. What Is a Statement of Purpose?
6. What Is LLC Duration?
7. What Is the Principal Place of Business?

LLC Articles of Organization Sample

An LLC article of organization sample should be referenced when forming your business. LLC Articles of Organization contain basic facts about your business. Your articles should be filed with the appropriate state agency and include specific information to ensure approval. Depending on where your business operates, you may receive a certificate of organization. In some cases, you may want to include a statement of purpose or the planned duration of your LLC.

What Are Articles of Organization?

When creating a limited liability company (LLC), it's necessary to submit your Articles of Organization to the appropriate government agency on the local or state level. The articles detail the main information of the business, acting like a charter. In order to operate as a legally registered business, your LLC entity will need to file these articles with the state. If you wonder where your articles should be filed, you don't have to look any further than the office of the Secretary of State where the LLC was formed. 

However, you may live in a state where it is required for you to file the articles with another government agency, such as in New Jersey, Arizona, and Florida. You may be able to find government forms you need on the website of your Secretary of State. Note that your state agency may refer to the document as a "certificate of organization" or "certificate of formation."

What Information Is Needed When Filing Articles of Organization?

Add the name of your company, and include your LLC's purpose of business. Also, add the length of time that your LLC has been in business, the primary location where business is conducted, and the name of your designated registered agent. It's important to indicate certain details other about your company too, such as whether your LLC is manager-managed or member-managed. 

If you want your Articles of Organization to be easily accepted by the state agency, you need to meet basic LLC article requirements. Detail exactly how the business is structured within the article; indicate whether the LLC is member-managed or manager-managed. Be sure to provide the addresses and names of individuals designated to as members and registered agents. You may also include the number of members of the LLC. Add your LLC's effective date. Typically, the information that is included in the initial pages of the articles is identifying information.

Guidelines on the LLC name

Decide on the name you would like to use for your LLC and begin searching through business entity names for the exact name. 

  • You need to know if the business name you desire is available for use or if another company has selected it already. 
  • Any name that you decide will be the official name of your business has to include "Limited Liability Company", "L.L.C.," or "LLC."
  • Many states will not permit you to use a name that has certain words, such as "trust," "bank," or "insurance."

What Is a Statement of Purpose?

Usually, states don't request a statement of purpose from a business; oftentimes the statement is very general, as in "engaging in legal business for the purpose of profit." Because the statement of purpose can be so general, this is advantageous for your future business endeavors if they reflect differently than they do now.

What Is LLC Duration?

If you know that the LLC will come to an end at some point, you can include a termination date. Many LLCs choose to keep their business on a perpetual basis. A large number of states do not require you to specify a duration; most will assume that you have chosen to keep your LLC perpetually if you don't provide the duration.

What Is the Principal Place of Business?

The main location is also the same as your primary location or principal place of business; this is considered the headquarters. If you have a few locations and you're trying to decide your main location, consider the location where most of the management works or where you keep business records. Home-based businesses can consider their home address as their main address.

In order to take advantage of the deduction for a home office, you must have a designated section of the house that is regularly and exclusively used for business activities. You also cannot have any other specific location where you handle activities related to the business, such as an external office.

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