Updated November 19, 2020:

Florida LLC Articles of Organization require your company to submit information about how your company will operate. The articles lay out the structure for your corporation as well as provide the government with the information that it needs to accurately assess your corporation for its needs. Filing the articles is one of the most critical steps to getting your corporation up and running.  Each year, your LLC will need to file an annual report to confirm that the information listed in your corporation's articles of organization is still correct. Your articles of organization must include five articles, including the company's name, mailing information, and contact information for its members. Once the articles of organization are filed and approved, the LLC is in business.

Frequently Asked Questions about Florida LLC Articles of Organization

What forms of payment are accepted by the state of Florida when filing the Articles of Organization?

When you file the Articles of Organization online, you can pay with a credit or debit card, as well as a prepaid Sunbiz eFile account. You can use Visa and MasterCard, and American Express and Discover are also accepted for credit-card payments.

Do the Articles of Organization need to be filed?

Yes, the Articles of Organization are required, and any LLC that does not file them can be dissolved. 

How long does it take to process the Articles of Organization? 

Sunbiz can process and post them within three business days when the office is not in its busy season. Processing can take longer during the busy business season. Using a credit card to file and pay online can cause a slight delay in processing during the busy season. Paying by check or money order can cause non-peak processing to take up to five days. 

Is my LLC required to list a purpose in its Articles of Organization?

Professional companies may be required to list a purpose in their articles of organization. However, non-professional companies are not required to do so. It is an option for non-professional companies that can help to clarify business goals and operations.

My business's primary language isn't English. What language do its Articles of Organization need to be in?

Florida is a diverse state, where it is possible to operate a business in a language other than English. However, the articles of organization for any LLC must be written in easy-to-read English. If you submit your articles of organization in a different language, it will be rejected.

Why become an LLC over a partnership or sole proprietorship?

When you choose to become an LLC, you are creating a separate entity from your individual person. This means that the business will be taxed separately from your personal finances and that it will have its own liability. If someone sues the LLC, they are not suing the owners personally. They sue the business separately. This can have serious tax and financial implications for the LLC.

Florida LLC Articles of Organization Steps

1. Start by examining sample articles of organization documents to see how information is formatted and phrased. This information can be used as a guideline to create your own Articles of Organization document. 

2. Create a name for your LLC that includes the words “Limited Liability Company,” “LLC," or “L.L.C.”

  • If you are starting a Professional Limited Liability Company, the name must include “Professional Limited Liability Company,” “P.L.L.C.,” “PLLC,” or “Chartered” in it.
  • The name must be unique and not already be in use. 
  • You can find out if a name is currently in use by completing a search on the Sunbiz.org website.

3. Include the name and addresses of the company, the registered agent, and any members or managers.

  • P.O. boxes are not allowed as the address for the registered agent.
  • The registered agent must sign a document that acknowledges that he understands the obligations of being a registered agent for an LLC.
  • The LLC cannot be its own registered agent. Instead, choose a person or business with an active registration in Florida.
  • The business's physical address must be listed.

4. If your company has employees, detail the authorized person to manage Workers' Compensation. 

5. Have your legal counsel review the LLC documents before submission. 

  • It is important to ensure that your articles of organization comply with statutory requirements.

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