1. What Are the Articles of Organization?
2. Filling Out the Articles of Organization
3. Using an Articles of Organization Template
4. Filing Fee for Articles of Organization

An articles of incorporation LLC template refers to a template or form that is used for filing articles of incorporation, or articles of organization, during the process of forming a limited liability company (LLC). Filing the articles of organization is a mandatory step for establishing an LLC. In most states, the document comes in the form of a template or form, which a business owner has to fill out and submit to the secretary of state or another state agency.

What Are the Articles of Organization?

Business owners who wish to form an LLC are required to submit the articles of organization to a state agency. This document serves as a charter and provides basic information about a business. After it is approved by the state agency, the new LLC will be legally established as a registered company in the state.

Filling Out the Articles of Organization

The articles of organization are generally filed with the secretary of state in the state where the LLC will be formed. However, certain states, including New Jersey, Florida, and Arizona, require the document to be submitted to a different state agency.

Depending on the state in which your LLC will be established, you may be able to download a government-provided articles of organization template at the website of the secretary of state or the appropriate state agency. It is important to note that some states may use a different name for the form, such as certificate of organization or certificate of formation. While every state has its own articles of organization requirements, all government-provided templates include the following fields:

  • Name of LLC: First of all, you are required to provide the name of your LLC. The name you choose must end with Limited Liability Company or a variant or abbreviation. In addition, your business name must be different from that of another existing business entity that is already registered with the state. You can find out the availability of your desired name by conducting a business name search in your state.
  • State of purpose: In most states, you do not have to provide a specific statement of purpose. A general statement like “to lawfully conduct business for profit” should suffice.
  • Duration: Most LLCs choose a perpetual duration, but you can also include a specific duration if you wish.
  • Principal place of business: The principal place of business is the headquarters or main location of your LLC. Usually, it is the address where your management team works and your records and books are kept.
  • Registered agent: In order to form an LLC, you must appoint a registered agent in your state to receive official legal, tax, and other business documents on your company's behalf. This agent can be a member of your LLC or an outside person or company registered with the state.
  • Management: In most states, you are required to indicate in your articles of organization whether your LLC will be manager-managed or member-managed.

Using an Articles of Organization Template

Many states provide a downloadable articles of organization template for convenient and accurate filing. You are required to customize the document to include specific information about your LLC. Some templates may provide instructions in bold type and highlighted fields for entering the required information. After entering all the required information, make sure you delete all the instructions and highlighted fields. Also, you are required to sign the document before submitting it to the state.

Besides entering your LLC's identifying information, you will also have the option to indicate in the articles of organization template that you wish to start a professional LLC. A professional LLC is an LLC that consists of members who are required to comply with professional regulations, such as attorneys and physicians. The articles of organization template for a professional LLC may have a different structure to ensure the form filler will meet all the necessary requirements.

Filing Fee for Articles of Organization

Along with your articles of organization, you are required to submit a filing fee to the secretary of state or the appropriate agency. The average filing fee for LLCs in the U.S. is $127, with the lowest being $40 and the highest $500.

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