1. Articles of Organization Process via Mail
2. LLC Existence
3. Members and Managers
4. Payment Methods and Submission
5. Articles of Organization Online

An LLC articles of organization Illinois is required to register your business. The necessary information to register your LLC varies by state if you do not intend to create your LLC in Illinois. Registration of an articles of organization may be done via mail, in-person, or online. The online registration process is faster, but it’s a more expensive task. Filing via mail is the cheapest process.

Further, the articles of organization must detail whether your business is member-managed or manager-managed. Additionally, your LLC can be created electronically if your business has at least one or more members when the transaction is completed. However, an LLC cannot be created electronically if the business has over eight managers.

Articles of Organization Process via Mail

First, you must download the articles of organization form. Then, you should name your LLC, but check the online state database to make sure your intended name is not already in use by another LLC. Enter the primary business address, and keep in mind that the business must be a physical address in Illinois. P.O. boxes are not allowed. However, the address can come in different forms:

After, enter the effective date your LLC will be created. You may check “immediately” if you want the LLC to go into immediate effect. On the other hand, you can check the second box, and enter the date you want the LLC to come into existence (Date cannot be more than 60 days over).

If you choose a registered agent company, write the name on the line that states “First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.” When finished, you may write the business purpose, but this is optional. You may leave this section fully blank.

LLC Existence

In the next section, you will write information on the company duration, which is how long you want the LLC to exist. You may also mark “open-ended” if you want the business to exist in perpetuity.

Write down the specific date if you want your LLC to dissolve at a later date. Most owners choose the perpetual option because it gives members freedom to close the LLC at any date by simply submitting a dissolution application.

Members and Managers

At least one member must be registered in order to create the LLC itself. In the additional provision section, you can write any regulations or rules on your LLC, but most applicants leave this section blank.

Also, write down the names of all members and/or managers. You must enter this information:

  • Names
  • Business Address of Managers and/or Members
  • All Members with the Authority of a Manager

For manager-managed LLCs, enter names and address of all members and the same information for member-managed LLCs. Members would be the owners of the LLC, while managers are appointed by members manage the daily affairs of the business.

Payment Methods and Submission

The document will then ask for the organizer of the articles of organization, which would most likely be you. You will then mark the date that the articles of organization is being filled out. From there, sign and print your name, and include your address. You don’t have to fill out the line that says “Name if a Corporation or other Entity.” After you fill out all information, you would pay the state fee of $150. You may also pay $100 for speedy service. You can pay via the following means:

  • Cashier’s Check
  • Certified Check
  • Illinois Attorney’s Check
  • CPA’s check
  • Money Order

If you choose to mail the documents, send two copies of the articles of organization and the payment to the following address:

  • Secretary of State Department of Business Services Limited Liability Division 501 S 2nd Street, Room 351, Springfield, IL 62756

After, you must wait 10 to 20 business days for processing and approval. After approval, you will receive an approved and stamped copy of the articles of organization, including a welcome letter containing an LLC filing number.

All documents are returned via mail and mailed to the address of your appointed registered agent. You should keep copies of these returned forms with other business records.

Articles of Organization Online

If you choose to file online, you can do so by going to the Illinois state website. Enter the same information as you would, and make the payment online. You’ll pay the same fee of $100, with the addition of $150 if you want a faster processing time.

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