Indiana LLC Name Requirements

An Indiana business entity search can help you make sure that your desired business name is available, which is the first and most important requirement of forming your LLC. All LLCs must include the LLC designation, whether it be LLC or L.L.C.

You cannot use any words like corporation or incorporated since an LLC is legally not a corporation. Also take note that different qualifiers or designators at the end of a business name are not enough to distinguish it from an already existing business with the same main name.

To begin your Indiana business entity search, go the Indiana Secretary of State website. This is the go-to location whether you're searching for an entity or reserving a name for any kind of business.

Indiana has created a one-stop shop for business filings known as INBiz. Using this tool, you can search for local businesses. Once your business is registered, you can find it, as well, among the search results. Entity search is also necessary when you're trying to obtain certified copies of filed articles.

There are several ways to conduct your search.

  • Business Name

  • Business ID

  • Filing Number

  • Registered Agent

  • Incorporator

  • Principal Name

You can narrow down the search results even further if you specify the entity type, status, name type, street address, city, and zip code.

Search by Business Name

Searching by name is the most commonly used method of search. You can start your search by visiting the Department of Business Services Database. From here, you can type in the name of the business in the Business Name section. Make sure you leave out the LLC part if applicable, and don't worry about punctuation and capitalization.

It's generally a good idea to enter only the first few words to be absolutely sure that no other business is potentially too similar. If no results are found even when you just use the first word or even part of the first word of your business name, you can be certain it's available.

You can investigate the business in the search results with a simple click. Doing so will show you the office address, filing history, expiration date, and more. This will be publicly available for your business as well.

Search by Business ID or Filing Number

You can also search by business ID, which will severely limit your search results. If you entered the number correctly, only the business with that corresponding ID number should be displayed. The result will offer you the same access to details about the business.

Indiana LLC Business Entity Report Instructions

Reporting is an essential part of business practice in Indiana. LLCs have to file an official business entity report every two years. The LLC's anniversary month, or month it was approved by the state, is the deadline. Make sure you comply with these requirements if you don't want to lose your standing.

For your convenience, Indiana allows you to file your report online or by mail, and you can file up to a month in advance. If you do end up filing late, there is a small grace period, but consecutive late filings can lead to the state dissolving your LLC. You will receive reminders starting a month before the due date.

Filing Indiana Business Entity Report by Mail

You can download the Indiana business entity report form from the Secretary of State's website. Then, you just fill out the form making sure to carefully read the required information for each section. Some areas will be left blank as they don't apply to LLCs, such as sections F and G.

There is a filing fee of $50 for mailing in your report, and it must be made payable to the Secretary of State. It usually takes 2-3 business days for the state to process your report after arrival. While you don't receive any specific confirmation, you can use the Indiana business entity search to check your filing history.

Filing Indiana Business Entity Report Online

If you haven't already, make sure you sign up for an INBiz account. From the dashboard there, click on online services. From there, you'll find the Secretary of State Business Service Division section where you can find the Indiana Business tab. From there, click Business Entity Report and you'll have the form.

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