I-90 Instructions

I-90 instructions will you direct you on how to fill out your I-90 form. An I-90 Form, also called a green card, is an application to renew or replace a permanent resident card. It is filled out by permanent residents and conditional residents and submitted to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

How Often Does a Green Card Expire?

U.S. Green Cards expire every ten years, so the resident must plan ahead and renew the green card at least six months before the expiration date.

Even if the green card's expiration date has already passed, the visa holder is still considered a permanent resident. But it is highly recommended that he or she apply for renewal as soon as possible.

Who May File This Application?

Permanent or conditional residents who:

  • Need to update or change their name or other personal information.
  • Need to replace a broken, damaged, or incorrect card.
  • Did not receive a card when they should have.
  • Need to replace an outdated version of the card with the current version.

Permanent residents must also file an I-90:

  • When their current card is soon to expire.
  • To replace a card that was that was issued prior to a 14th birthday (the application must be filed within 30 days of turning 14).

Additional individuals who may file include:

  • Those who are permanent United States residents currently residing outside the United States with commuter status.
  • Those currently residing in the United States with resident commuter status.
  • Those with resident status that has been converted automatically to permanent resident status.

General Instructions

  • All answers to the questions must be typed or clearly printed in black ink.
  • Write "NONE" if your answer is "none."
  • Applications must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and properly signed.
  • A parent or a guardian may sign the application on behalf of an applicant under 14 years of age.
  • Foreign language documents must be accompanied by a full English translation completed by a translator who is certified as competent to translate the foreign language to English.
  • An ordinary legible photocopy of the document may be submitted unless an original document is specifically required.
  • Applicant must include full name, and if there is a name change since he or she last received his or her card, he or she must check the appropriate box in the form and submit evidence of the name change.
  • Applicant must include his or her U.S. mailing address and residence address if the two are not the same.
  • Where required on the form, the applicant must supply the birth date, country of birth, town of birth, gender, A-number, and Social Security number.
  • Applicant must include his or her three-letter code for class of admission, which can be found on the green card, and also indicate the date of admission.
  • Permanent residents should complete section A of Form I-90.
  • Conditional residents should complete section B of Form I-90.
  • Additional Part 3 information, which asks questions about family and immigration, should be completed.
  • People receiving disability payments should complete Part 5 of the form.

Where to File an I-90?

A paper I-90 can be filed at the Los Angeles, California, Lockbox facility, or it can be filed electronically.

For filing electronically, visit the website www.uscis.gov to see if you are eligible to e-file and for instructions on how to properly complete and submit the form.

You must include a check or money order with the application to pay the appropriate fees if you choose to file the paper version of the form.

Biometrics Requirement

Additional fingerprints will be taken if you have reached your 14th birthday since your card was issued.

What Is the Filing Fee?

  • Application fee is $455.00.
  • Biometrics Fee is $85.00.

The fee should be paid with a check or money order from a financial institution located in the United States. It must be paid in U.S. currency to U.S Department of Homeland Security. This must be spelled out. Do not use initials "USDHS" or "DHS."

Initial Processing

Once the application is accepted, it will be checked for completeness. The application might be denied if the basis for eligibility was not established because the form was not completely filled out.


  • Your permanent resident card will be manufactured and mailed once your application is approved.
  • A notice explaining the reasons for denial will be mailed to you if your application is denied.

More About the I-90 Form

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