Green Card Expired: Everything You Need to Know

If your green card expired, you will need to get a new one. Generally, when beginning a job, everyone must fill out a Form I-9 for their new employer. The purpose of this is to check identity and give the green card holder the ability to work in the U.S.

A majority of law-abiding permanent residents must use a non-expired green card as a "List A" document (used to identify and authorize employment of an individual within the country). However, you can use a temporary I-551 stamp on your foreign passport as a "List A" document if necessary.

Many states ask to see a credible green card before issuing real estate, insurance, and nursing professional licenses.

What Happens When You Are Reentering the United States with a Green Card That Has Expired?

It is taking a risk when one travels outside of the United States with an expired green card. In a worst-case scenario it could mean denied entry, but most often it involves a long wait and a re-entry charge of $585.

It is the duty of Customs and Border Protection officers to decide if the holder of an expired green card should be permitted to enter the United States.

What Happens if You Are Inside The U.S. and Your Green Card Expires?

An appointment with United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) must be made, and because it can take a few weeks, it is best to schedule the appointment as early as possible.

A Notice of Action is commonly received within two or three weeks of filing Form I-90, showing that the USCIS approved the application.

What Happens if You Are Outside the U.S. and Your Green Card Expires?

The holder of a green card must fill out Form I-131A if it expires outside of the United States. It must be personally submitted at the closest U.S. consular office to ask for a boarding foil, which lets a person return to the United States if they have been out of the country for less than one year.

How Do You Renew a Driver's License with an Expired Green Card?

An expired green card could also affect an individual's driving rights for as long as four to five months. In most of these cases, a person was not permitted to use an expired green card to renew a driver's license. A passport with the I-551 stamp may be used according to a state's requirements.

What if My Green Card Has No Expiration Date?

No-expiration date green cards are accepted and can be used with Form I-9 when starting a new job. If a Customs & Border Protection officer can't recognize the card holder from an outdated photo as the owner of the green card, he or she will wait until verification of your identity is confirmed.

What Are the Penalties if My Green Card Expires?

Expired green cards do not result in penalties or fines. However, being in possession of an expired green card or having no card at all will likely become an issue at some point. This would be in such instances such as when one tries to get a new profession, travel, renew a driver's license, or do similar activities where proof of permanent residence is required.

How Do I Renew or Replace My Green Card?

It is recommended to file a Green Card Renewal Form 1-90 within six months of the expiration date to avoid any trouble. The expiration date of a green card can be found on the front of the card.

If your information needs to be updated or your green card has been stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed, the Green Card Replacement Application Form I-90 should be used.

Upon turning 14 years old, a person must replace their existing green card. The current filing fee for submitting Form I-90 is $365 plus $85 in fingerprinting fees, making it a total cost of $450. If someone is unable to cover the fee, they can ask the USCIS to waive it.

A green card that was issued between 1977 and 1989 with no expiration date is still effective. However, USCIS suggests that everyone with an older version of a green card should get the latest one.

Alien Registration Receipt Cards issued between 1946 and 1964 are equivalent to green cards. Although no longer used, these cards are still recognized.

What Are the Benefits of a New Card?

  • The new green cards are useful in avoiding immigration fraud because of laser-engraved fingerprints, high-resolution micro-images, and holographic image technology.
  • It is easier for law officials and employers to verify a person's status as a lawful permanent resident with the new features on the card.
  • It is fast and simple to return a lost card due to the pre-printed return address on the card.

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