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"We want to check out the trademark availability for a certain word. We are looking to build a business and some combinations of the word would work for us. We know that some combinations of the word may be used, but we are looking to expand nationally so the search should cover the US."
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A company
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"I am looking to register a trademark for a new brand for lifestyle products. I am looking for advice on what needs to be registered since we have a logo and a DBA company name that is separate from our current LLC name. I am looking for reassurance that the trademark can be completed as I am not very familiar with the process."
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What would you like to trademark?
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Why Hire a Trademark Lawyer?

The USPTO has lawyers to guide you through the process of registering your trademark. However, most people choose to hire a private attorney, and that is the wisest choice. With qualified legal help on your side, you have a 50 percent greater chance of gaining approval for your trademark.

Plus, in a competitive business atmosphere like Los Angeles, you don't want to waste valuable time trying to figure things out for yourself when a lawyer could streamline the process. The top trademark attorneys make it easier to get through legal tasks.

  • Creating your trademark. The best trademark lawyers understand what types of marks are likely to get approved for registration. They help you search both California state and federal trademark databases so you can be sure your trademark isn't infringing on an existing mark.
  • Registering your trademark. The trademark application has strict requirements. You don't want to risk being rejected because of a technical error on your application.
  • Maintaining your trademark. Just because a mark is registered doesn't mean that the registration is good forever. After five years, you have to submit proof that you are still using your trademark.
  • Defending your trademark. If someone else is infringing on your mark, the attorney helps you put a stop to that and perhaps even get you compensation for the unauthorized use.
  • Other intellectual property tasks. A trademark lawyer specializes specifically in trademarks, but if you have other intellectual property legal tasks that you need help with, your attorney may be able to give you a sound referral.

Trademark lawyers are either transactional or litigation. Transactional attorneys help with registering and creating trademarks, whereas litigation attorneys are there for you if you face any issues related to an existing trademark.

Los Angeles County is home to more than 244,000 businesses. In fact, if the county was a nation on its own, the economy would be the 19th largest in the world. To save your business from getting lost in the shuffle, you need a strong trademark, and an attorney can help with that.

How to Find the Best Trademark Lawyer in Los Angeles

California has a unified bar association, which means that all lawyers who practice in California are members of the State Bar Association. You should always check a potential lawyer's credentials before you commit to them. There are nearly 200,000 active members of California's bar association. The state's bar examination is one of the toughest in the country.

Besides bar membership, you should take note of these things.

  • Read attorney reviews. There are several sources you can turn to find peer reviews of lawyers, including You can also check local certified Lawyer Referral Services. In Los Angeles County, you might go to Attorney Referral Service of the Los Angeles County Bar Association or the Attorney Search Network.
  • Read attorney biographies. An attorney's biography gives you insight into their experience dealing with trademarks.

Before you hire a lawyer, dig into the details of what you can expect from them by finding out:

  • If the attorney will personally handle your case or if someone else in their firm will be taking point. If it will be someone else, ask to look at that person's credentials.
  • How the lawyer bills. They may charge a flat rate for some services, like trademark research or applications. For litigation, a retainer may be required. Be sure you understand what the hourly rate is and if there will be any more fees.
  • If the attorney has experience, not just with trademarks in general, but with trademarks in your industry
  • If the lawyer knows the ins and outs of both state trademark registration and federal registration

Questions for Your Trademark Lawyer

  • What kinds of things can I trademark, and what are the benefits of registering a trademark?
  • How much do you charge? How often will I pay you, and are there any more fees I should be aware of?
  • How much does it cost to register a trademark?
  • How much experience with trademarks do you have? How many trademark searches does your firm do each year?
  • Tell me about past trademark litigation cases that you've handled.
  • Should I register my trademark on the state or federal level? What is the difference?
  • How can I protect my trademark after I register it?
  • Are you a member of the California State Bar?
  • How will you communicate with me, and will you be available on short notice if I need immediate help with something?

Finding the right trademark lawyer in Los Angeles benefits your business and saves you from headaches down the road. They can help you with trademark registration and litigation, as well as other legal issues that relate to this type of intellectual property.

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Legal Services Offered by Our On-Demand Los Angeles Trademark Attorneys

Our experienced Los Angeles trademark attorneys & lawyers represent individuals and businesses with everything they need to secure and protect their trademarks. Our attorneys can help individuals with everything from trademark clearance searches to determine whether the desired mark is available for adoption, use, and registration. By reviewing the search reports thoroughly, they can conclusively determine the extent to which a mark is already being used and the potential success of filing a trademark.

Trademark licensing can be complex, but our trademark attorneys have experience drafting agreements on behalf of both licensees and trademark owners - thus allowing you to capitalize on your valuable intellectual property. Our Los Angeles trademark attorneys can also draft and file your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including Intent to Use and Use in Commerce applications.

Our attorneys can also help protect your trademark around the globe by assisting clients with filing trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol, which allows trademark holders to obtain protection in multiple countries by filing a single application.

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  • The mark must be distinctive to your business.

Trademarks: What Do They Do?

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