Complete a state of Georgia LLC renewal by doing the following:

  1. Visit the Georgia Corporations Division section of the state website.
  2. Click the button to renew your yearly registration without changes.
  3. Search for your business by entering your LLC name.
  4. Select your LLC from the list of businesses.
  5. Agree to terms and select your appropriate title.
  6. Enter your current billing information and pay the required fees.

All LLCs in Georgia must file annual reports with the state. Any authorized owner, or member, of the LLC can file. Yearly filing fees are $50 for most businesses. LLCs may either complete the filing themselves, or they may hire an agency to file for them.

If you don't have any changes to make — such as to your registered agent or principal business office — you can follow the easy steps above. After you pay, you can download a receipt for your records, and you'll receive one via email as well.

Make sure the state has an accurate account of the following information for your LLC:

  • Your business name
  • Your LLC's principal address
  • Your registered agent's name and address
  • The names and addresses of your LLC's officers
  • Signature of an authorized party

You must update any changes by April 1.

Renewing With Changes

If you need to make changes to your information when filing your annual report, you'll begin by visiting the Georgia Corporations Division section of the state website.

You'll select “Express Annual Registration With Changes.” Search for your business name by entering it in the search box. Click on your LLC name and edit the information for your registered agent. This may include editing the current agent's information, removing the current agent and adding a new one, or changing it from an individual to a company.

You may also update your LLC's principal address.

Once your information is updated, agree to the terms. Enter your name in the box for “Authorizer Name” and select your appropriate title, such as member (if you're an owner in the LLC), or other applicable title. Carefully review your information to make sure everything is correct. You can always click “Back” if you have to make any changes. Once you're sure everything is correct, click “File Annual Registration.”

Next, you'll submit your payment. You can download a receipt, and you'll receive one via email, too.

Other Filing Methods and Fees

You can always hire an agency to file your annual report, but expect to pay them a fee on top of the fee that the state charges for filing.

While you can submit your annual report or renewal by mail, it's easier to do so online at the Secretary of State website. The state encourages online filing because it's quicker and more convenient.

You can pay online using one of the following:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Visa or MasterCard ATM or debit cards

If you choose to mail in your renewal form and fees, you'll pay with a check or money order. If you pay by check, you must use a pre-printed check that has your LLC address on it. The state does not accept starter or counter checks for payment.

Annual report and renewal fees vary by business type. You must submit your filing between January 1 and April 1. If you miss the April 1 deadline, you'll have to pay an additional fee of $25 for filing late. If you don't file your annual report, the state may dissolve your business.

If you're behind on filing, you can pay fees by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Account page for the Georgia Corporations Division.
  2. Log in, and click “File Annual Registration.”
  3. Review the information for the total amount that's due.
  4. Click “Continue.”
  5. Follow the instructions that outline how you can make your payment.

Filing your annual report in Georgia is a simple, inexpensive process. It's worth filing on time to avoid late fees. You can hire an agency to take care of this requirement for you if you're a busy business owner. That way, you can focus on running your company, knowing that important tasks are completed.

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