Updated October 21, 2020:

Rental Property LLC Names

Rental property LLC names can be the difference between whether you easily attract customers or get lost among the competition. Finding a great rental property LLC name takes a little thought, a bit of research, and maybe even brainstorming time among coworkers and friends.

Stick to the Basics

If you only have one rental property that you want to name, the simplest method may be to use the property address in the LLC name. This can be advantageous if your property is in a desired location that looks great to a potential customer when they type the address into Google Maps. Chances are there won’t be many other properties with the same address; so registering the name with your state should be a breeze.

Do Your Research

Throughout the naming process, whenever you think you’ve come up with a good rental property LLC name, it’s a good idea to use the free services that are available to make sure someone else isn’t using it. You can easily find this information on the webpage of your state’s Secretary of State to help you avoid the embarrassing or perhaps even costly result of using an already registered name.

Make It Easy to Remember

Another approach to rental property LLC names is to find a distinctive quality that sets the property apart from the competition. It could be geography, like “Lakeside Properties LLC” or “Beachfront Realty LLC.” Perhaps there are unique features that describe the property, like “Mountain View Rentals LLC” or “Golf Course Rentals LLC”. It’s great if you can find a name for your rental property LLC that not only jumps out at the customer, but also sticks in their minds after searching through countless other properties.

Keep It Short

Unless you decide to use the property’s address, it’s a good practice to keep the name brief. Two words work best, three at the most. Short and punchy should be your goal. You want to let visuals, like photos or other images, enhance the name and too many words can clutter the message.

Using a Foreign Phrase.

Using exotic words from a foreign language can often perfectly capture the feeling that you want to impress upon your customers. Be careful, however. It’s amazing how quickly a term can lose its luster or become cliché. It’s probably best to go with the tried and true standards, like “Casa del Sol Properties” or “Riviera Resort Realty LLC”.

Make it easy for renters to find you on the web. Consider what terms you would use to find a property like yours. Test it out. Then consider using Google Adwords to test phrases and keywords that potential renters would use to find properties in your area.

Don’t Be Afraid to Toot Your Own Horn

What adjectives would you use to describe your properties? Best? Finest? Exclusive? Get out the old thesaurus and have some fun. You must believe that your properties offer an experience for renters that they will find nowhere else. Let them know what they can expect right in the name of your LLC.

Think Long Term

Okay, today you might only own one or a few properties in a particular part of a town or city, but where will you be in five years? Or ten?

  • Do you plan to grow and expand your rental property LLC?
  • Do you plan to branch out into other resort areas throughout your state or even across the country?
  • Do you plan to be the king or queen of beachfront rentals, or maybe you see your future providing rental properties for students attending large universities across your state?

Taking these factors into consideration can help you avoid needing to change your name down the road after you’ve already established your brand in the minds of loyal renters.

Secure Your Domain

If you think you have created the ideal rental LLC name, register it immediately. It’s relatively inexpensive to reserve a name, so it’s a good idea to make it yours as soon as you believe you’ve come up with a great name. Before you commit finances and resources, it’s a good idea to perform an IRS corporation name search.

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