Georgia LLC Registered Agent

A registered agent in Georgia is a third-party entity, such as a company or person, who accepts mail for your LLC in case your business is sued. You will need to choose an agent before filing your LLC's Articles of Organization in the state.

Your Registered Agent also serves as a point of contact for receiving other documents, including payment reminders and tax notices. The Registered Agent must have a Georgia street address, not a PO Box. They must be available to receive communications from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during normal business hours.

What is a Georgia Registered Office?

A registered office is the physical street address in Georgia where the Registered Agent is located. It is at this location that official government and legal documentation may arrive during normal business hours.

What Do Georgia Registered Agents Do?

Your Registered Agent accepts documents on your behalf and ensures they get to you in a timely manner. As such, they contact you when they receive a legal or business document, such as a subpoena or notice of annual report.

Why Do You Need a Georgia Registered Agent?

In Georgia, all businesses must maintain a Registered Agent as indicated under state law. In fact, you cannot form your business under the Corporation Division's office without first having a Registered Agent.

Who Can Be Your Registered Agent in Georgia?

Business owners forming an LLC have three options for selecting a corporations/commonly_asked_questions" rel="nofollow">Registered Agent:

  • Choosing a friend or family member
  • Serving as your own Registered Agent
  • Hiring a Commercial Registered Agent

Individuals, including yourself or a friend or family member, must be residents of Georgia in order to serve as a Registered Agent.

What are the Requirements for Georgia Registered Agents?

Georgia requires Registered Agents of LLCs to be resident individuals or a corporation registered in the state. Registered Agents must have a physical address in Georgia and be available to accept legal documents during normal business hours.

How Do I Know Which Registered Agent I Should Choose?

The easiest way to choose your Registered Agent is to list yourself, so long as you are located at your specified street address during normal business hours. If you don't have a Georgia address, use a friend or relative who does. Otherwise, hire a Commercial Registered Agent. Commercial Registered Agents are typically more reliable and offer an extra level of privacy.

Are There Risks If You, a Friend, or Family Member are Your LLC's Registered Agent?

Yes, there are risks. Although unlikely, they can cause you to lose liability protection for your LLC.

For example, if your Registered Agent is unavailable during normal business hours and cannot be served, the court case proceeds without your knowledge and a judgment might even be placed against you.

Cases in which a process server might be unable to reach you, a friend, or family member serving as a Registered Agent include when you or they:

  • Are on vacation
  • Have moved without filing a Change of Registered Agent
  • Are out running errands during business hours

Commercial Registered Agents give you more freedom to take vacations and leave home during normal business hours. Your Commercial Registered Agent may also send you annual reporting requirement reminders, helping you maintain your LLC's compliance.

Information Your Georgia Registered Agent Should Help You Know and Understand

Filing a domestic corporation in Georgia costs $100, and a Registered Agent is required to file. The same goes for Georgia LLCs. It costs $100 to file and a Registered Agent must be listed. Foreign LLCs cost $225, must include a Registered Agent in Georgia, and must feature a certificate of good standing from the filer's home state.

What Types of Businesses Need a Georgia Registered Agent?

In Georgia, you must have and maintain a Registered Agent for any type of entity formed through the Secretary of State. This includes all LLCs, corporations, and limited partnerships.

How to Change Your Georgia Registered Agent

The state allows LLCs and other businesses to update their Registered Agent information on the Annual Registration form. You can either mail your Annual Registration to the Corporate Division or file it on their website. Online provides immediate results, while mailed registrations can take up to two weeks to process.

Is My Information Made Public After I File My Articles of Organization?

In Georgia, you must list the name and address of your organizer, which is entered into the public record. If you use a Registered Agent, however, they act as the organizer, and it is their information made public.

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