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Mario M.

Mario Milano

31 reviews
Mario Milano is a highly accomplished and sought-after attorney specializing in intellectual property, business formation, and contracts. With an unwavering commitment to e... read more
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David H.

David Holloway

6 reviews
Voted by his peers as one of the Best Attorneys in Delaware, Dave is a former prosecutor with a business & risk management background. Dave is the founder and Managing ... read more
Dave H.

Dave Holloway

2 reviews
Dave Holloway is a corporate attorney with six years of experience. He is licensed to practice law in Delaware and New Jersey. Dave obtained a degree in law from the Temple University Beasley School of Law. Dave is experienced in trademark and copyright law, and is also skilled in legal research and writing. He often provides his legal assistance to entrepreneurs, small business and startups. Dave founded the Holloway Law in August 2016.
William T.

William Thomas

Will provides clients with guidance in a wide range of matters faced by technology companies, such as strategies related to the generation, acquisition, maintenance, enforc... read more
Wes S.

Wes Schwie

9 reviews
Wes is a registered patent attorney with a unique mix of skills as a design engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and business executive. His experience includes preparing many patents for a range of clients including mechanical, electrical, and medical device arts. The goal of his firm is not to only protect their intellectual property, but use it to increase profits.
Gerry E.

Gerry Elman

2 reviews
With 52 years of varied experience as a practicing attorney, he is also a widely published author on technology and the law. He was one of the first attorneys to work with ... read more
Alexander G.

Alexander Granovsky

2 reviews
I have a technical background with BS in Computer Science from Drexel University. I worked as a computer scientists for 12 years. In 2010 I started working as an attorney l... read more
Julia P.

Julia Purdy

2 reviews
Ms. Purdy is an energetic worker with a diversified skill set that allows her to quickly adapt to new environments, learn new materials, and efficiently complete tasks. In ... read more
Steven R.

Steven Rocci

2 reviews
Steve is an experienced intellectual property lawyer whose 40+ years of technology and technology law experience includes 39 years of law firm practice. Before entering the... read more
Daniel M.

Daniel Mulveny

Daniel Mulveny is a patent attorney that is exceptionally experienced in dealing with legal matters that involves trademark and copyright law. He is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Daniel is also a member of the Delaware Patent Bar. He received his degree in law after graduating from the Penn State’s Dickinson Law school. Daniel is also experienced in dealing with commercial contracts. He served as a counselor at Kessler Topaz Meltzer And Check until September 2017.

Philadelphia Patent Lawyers

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Why Hire a Patent Lawyer?

When you invent a new product, you want to protect your intellectual property. The patent process is a complicated one, consisting of an in-depth patent search, multiple patent application stages, various fees, and modifications. While you can take the time to research the patent filing process for yourself, you're better off hiring an attorney who can do the job for you.

The road to patent your invention is not easy or cheap. Even if you did all the research, illustrations, and documentation yourself, you are still looking at hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fees. Top patent attorneys in Philadelphia have perfected the filing process, eliminating the need to refile or modify an application.

Although you will pay more to hire a patent lawyer than if you filed by yourself, an attorney will make sure that your patent application is acceptable from the start.

The right patent lawyer will:

  • Perform an extensive patent search for any "prior art," which are existing patents or applications similar to yours.
  • Advise you on the patent filing process. You will have a lot of questions about getting a patent, and your attorney can answer them all in detail.
  • Obtain the proper documentation. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has strict requirements for every patent application. These include illustrations or figures that detail the invention and show how it works. Your patent lawyer will have connections to professional patent illustrators and can ensure that the application includes all the necessary information.
  • Present technical arguments. Patent lawyers frequently come from technical backgrounds. Many studied engineering, technology, or other types of sciences before going to law school. Others worked as patent examiners. Regardless of the attorney's background, he or she will have the education to argue on your behalf.
  • Meet deadlines. Once you file a provisional patent application, the countdown begins. You then have one year to submit the mandatory application (called the "non-provisional" application). There are many other deadlines involved in the patent-filing process, but your attorney is aware of them all and will ensure that every document is submitted on time.

How to Find the Best Patent Lawyer in Philadelphia

Philadelphia-area inventors and businesses have access to some of the top patent attorneys in the country. Even so, how can you be sure the attorney you hire is right for you?

Choosing the right patent lawyer comes down to several factors, and they may vary depending on your individual case. Most inventors will consider budget above all else, but you should explore other areas before going with the least-expensive patent attorney.


Make sure the patent lawyer you hire has the credentials to practice in Philadelphia. Local patent attorneys will be members of the Philadelphia Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and/or the American Bar Association. You can refer to these association websites to find a patent lawyer, review any disciplinary records, and compare credentials.


You may find an affordable patent lawyer in Philadelphia who is licensed to work in the state, but what if he or she only has two years of experience? How does this lawyer stack up against one who has more than 20 years' experience in the field? Did the more inexperienced lawyer learn under a well-known patent attorney?


Once you've compiled a list of names, consider where each lawyer's office is located. Since you will need to meet with your attorney frequently, you don't want to waste time in cross-town traffic when you could find a lawyer closer to home. When any two lawyers have the same credentials and experience, go with the one nearest to your home or office.


Lawyers' fees can add up when you're filing for a patent. Ask each potential lawyer whether he or she charges for every communication, including phone calls, texts, and emails. Also, does the patent lawyer charge by the hour or by a flat fee? If you own a larger business, do you need an attorney to work on retainer?


You don't want to hire a lawyer who is so overwhelmed with other clients that he or she can't devote enough time to you and your patent. Make sure the lawyer you hire will be available when you need legal counsel or a new form filled out.

Questions to Ask a Patent Lawyer

  • How much of your practice is devoted to patent law?
  • Have any of your clients' patent applications been rejected? If so, how were they resolved?
  • Will I be interacting with you or someone else from your office?
  • Will a paralegal or another lawyer be working on my case? If so, will you be supervising?
  • What is the best way to contact you?
  • Can I see a recommendation or testimonial from a past client?
  • Do you have a technical background?

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Legal Services Offered by Our On-Demand Philadelphia Patent Attorneys

Our experienced Philadelphia patent attorneys & lawyers represent individuals and businesses throughout the world with domestic and foreign patent preparation and prosecution matters. They have extensive experience handling applications from nearly every sector of technology, including biotechnology, computer hardware and software, communication networks, internet systems and methods, automotive, medical equipment, construction technology, consumer electronics, and clean technology research and development.

Our patent attorneys are of the most highly trained in the industry, requiring a scientific background, and passing a second level of testing known as the Patent Bar Examination. Thousands of patents are submitted to the patent office every day and a patent committee reviews each patent for its validity. The process requires that correctly drafted documentation present a clear case for the novelty of the invention, which is best made by a patent attorney with a higher education background in your industry.

Our Philadelphia patent attorneys & lawyers can help you file a provisional patent, which lasts for 1-year and allows you to immediately begin using/manufacturing your invention with the confidence that your idea is protected. These types of patents are great if you think your idea will change a lot over the next year before you file a (non-provisional) patent. These patents are easier to obtain and are less expensive but you should have a patent lawyer review your provisional patent application to insure that you are meeting your objectives when you file your patent.

If You Need Ongoing Legal Counsel or Ad-hoc Legal Work - We Can Help!

Improve Your Legal ROI with Affordable Patent Attorneys that service Philadelphia, PA.

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