1. Obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing in NH
2. Certificate of Good Standing for Attorneys
3. Purpose of the Certificate of Good Standing

The NH Certificate of Good Standing is a document affirming that your company can legally conduct business in New Hampshire. This formal authorization is often required during business transactions and foreign qualification.

Obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing in NH

To request a certificate for your business, send a letter with the name of your business, contact information, the name of the contact person, and the details of your request.

You'll also need to include a fee of $5 or $30 for expedited service. The standard service time is seven business days, plus time for mailing. Expedited service consists of 24-hour processing plus mailing time. The fee should be in a check or money order made payable to the state of New Hampshire.

Your certificate will be sent by postal mail unless you provide a FedEx or UPS account number or a prepaid pre-addressed envelope with your request. You can also receive a faxed copy by request in addition to the mailed copy. Email service is not currently offered.

The request should be sent to the New Hampshire Secretary of State Corporations Division, 107 North Main Street, Concord, NH 03301. You can also visit the office at 25 Capitol Street in Concord. The phone number is 603-271-3246.

Any company registered in New Hampshire can make this request provided it is in good standing, which means it is up to date on required filings and fees.

Certificate of Good Standing for Attorneys

Attorneys must request a Certificate of Good Standing through the New Hampshire Supreme Court. The request should include your name, birth date, mailing address, and state bar association ID number. The fee for this service is $10 and should be in a check made payable to the State of New Hampshire. Mail your request to the court at One Charles Doe Drive, Concord, NH 03301.

Purpose of the Certificate of Good Standing

If you established a business in New Hampshire and want to expand to a new state as a foreign entity, the new state will often want to see your Certificate of Good Standing. This process is called foreign qualification. The certificate can be certified with the Embassy or Apostille certification for foreign use.

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