An Arizona Corporation Commission Certificate of Good Standing can be obtained by following a simple process. All businesses should request such a certificate as part of their standard business administration. It will allow them to undertake any transactions that require one and to demonstrate their reliability to clients, suppliers, and other operations with whom they may wish to do business.

What Is an Arizona Certificate of Good Standing?

A company can file for an Arizona Certificate of Good Standing which will enable them to prove that they are authorized to conduct their business in the state of Arizona.

Businesses qualify for a certificate if they do not have any delinquent accounts and they do not owe any money to the state. Having and maintaining a certificate of good standing is vital to businesses that want to form and operate in Arizona. They may need them to obtain foreign qualification, which will allow their business to undertake work in states other than Arizona.

Certificates can be required to complete certain business transactions, and most businesses will apply for one as a normal part of their business admin.

Many types of organization can apply for their Certificates of Good Standing by applying to the relevant division of the Arizona Corporation Commission using the Records Request Form including:

  • Corporations.
  • Professional corporations.
  • Limited liability companies.
  • Non-profit corporations.

Applications can be made via mail, fax, or online, on the ecorp website. Fees are $10 for applications made by mail or fax and $45 for those applying online.

For certain types of business, the equivalent option is a Certificate of Existence, including organizations such as:

  • Limited partnerships.
  • Limited liability partnerships.
  • Limited liability limited partnerships.

Businesses which fall into one of these categories can request a Certificate of Existence from the Business Services division of the Arizona Secretary of State a for a state fee of $5.

How to Get a Certificate of Good Standing From the State of Arizona

Although it is possible to order a Certificate of Good Standing by mail, it is recommended that you complete the request online.

If you are ordering by mail, then processing usually takes around two weeks, not including time for mailing, and there is an option to expedite the service for an additional fee, which will take less than 10 days plus mailing time. To order by mail, you need to complete the relevant Corporate Records Order Form, write ‘Certificate of Good Standing' on the request form, and provide a phone number where you can be reached to answer any queries that may arise.

If you order online, then you will get access to a PDF version of your certificate as soon as your payment is made, so you can print it out and complete the online verification process online.

It is also possible to order in person, and there is an option for expedited counter service which will allow applicants to get their certificate on the day of applying for an additional fee. If you don't order online, your certificate will either be returned to you in the mail, by fax, or made available for collection. You can choose which by checking the relevant box on the form.

Steps in Ordering an Arizona Certificate of Good Standing Online

Businesses wishing to complete a request for a Certificate of Good Standing online can do so using the ‘online services' page of the ecorp website.

To request a certificate by mail or fax, you will need to download a Certificate of Good Standing request form and complete with the following information:

  • Name and other personal details of the individual requesting the certificate.
  • Your choice of the delivery options.
  • A list of the documents or files you are including with your application.
  • Your choice of payment type.
  • The exact name of your business.

It is recommended that you make a copy of any documents you submit for your own records, and if you are attaching a money order or check, then you should make it payable to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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