Massachusetts LLC: Annual Report Instructions Overview

Filing a Massachusetts LLC Annual Report is a requirement for operating a limited liability company (LLC) in this state. If your LLC operates in Massachusetts, you will need to file a report annually. Filing your report will maintain your good standing and prove that your LLC is following all state requirements.

If you submit your Annual Report through the mail, you will need to include a $500 filing fee. If you submit it online, the filing fee is $520 because of an automatic $20 surcharge. Regardless of the filing method, your report should be processed 24 to 36 hours after it has been received.

You must submit your Annual Report before your LLC's anniversary date, which is the date your Certificate of Organization was approved. If you are an LLC's owner, you can find your anniversary date by searching on the State of Massachusetts website. Your LLC will be marked delinquent and you will lose your standing with the state if you miss the filing deadline. Continually ignoring the Annual Report requirement will result in your LLC being dissolved.

For your convenience, you can file the Annual Report any time before your anniversary date. You should receive a reminder from the state before the Annual Report filing deadline. However, the reminder is only sent as a courtesy; it's up to you to keep track of this deadline in case you don't receive the notification. 

How to File a Massachusetts LLC Annual Report

If you want to file your Annual Report by mail, you should:

  • Download Form D from the state website.
  • Make a check or money order for $500 payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Mail your report and payment to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

To file online, go to the Online Filing System, and use an eCheck or a credit card to pay the $520 fee. You will need a PIN and Customer ID Number to log on to the website. You can find this information in the reminder sent by the state. If you do not have the required login information, you can email the state and receive a response within half an hour during normal business hours. 

Filing a Massachusetts LLC Annual Report

When filing your Annual Report, you should include:

  1. Your Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  2. The current business year.
  3. Your LLC's full name. This should include the designation of your company, which will either be limited liability company, L.L.C., or LLC. In the name section of your Annual Report, you can amend your LLC's name if you wish. If you choose to alter the name, you will need to provide full details in the Annual Report's ‘Additional Matters' section. Leave this section blank if your LLC name is staying the same.
  4. The LLC's principal address, which can be your Registered Agent's address, your home address, or your business office's address.
  5. The address where you will maintain your LLC records. Generally, this will be the same as your principal address, and you should only complete this step when filing online. 
  6. The purpose of your company. This description does not need to be detailed, as your company's purpose will likely change often. It's common to list two or three words that make clear the purpose of your business, such as landscaping or pizza restaurant. Many LLCs simply choose the default language.
  7. The date of dissolution, which is when you plan to cease your company's operations. You do not need to fill this section in if you don't have an end date in mind. Typically, companies don't fill this section in so they can end their LLC at any time. If you want your LLC to end on a particular date, list it in this section.  
  8. The name and address of your Registered Agent. This must be a physical Massachusetts street address and not a post office box.
  9. If your LLC is manager-managed, list the addresses and names of all managers in your organization. You can leave this section blank if the LLC is member-managed.
  10. If your LLC is member-managed, include the name and contact information of their authorized signer.

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