The NC Secretary of State LLC annual report is required by all businesses in North Carolina. The purpose of the annual report is to keep the state records updated for each business. 

Information Necessary When Filing an Annual Report

  • Information required on the annual report includes the name of the entity, the nature of the business, registered agent name and address, principal office address, and a list of the entity's officers, managers, or members. 
  • For your convenience, annual reports may be filed by mail or online.
  • You may download a pre-populated annual report form that contains information about your LLC.
  • Professional Corporations (PCs), Limited Partnerships (LPs), Professional Limited Liability Companies, and NC Nonprofits do not file annual reports with the SOS.
  • If you are operating a charity, a license is issued by the Charitable Solicitation Licensing Section of the SOS and must be renewed each year.
  • An electronic signature by a manager, member, officer, partner, or director is acceptable for an annual report.

General Information about an NC Annual Report

The annual report is a separate document from those required to initially form a limited liability company or a corporation.

The annual report has a separate filing fee.

You must file an annual report by the due date each year. If the annual report is not filed or the annual report was previously rejected, the SOS will issue a revocation notice for foreign businesses or a "Notice of Grounds for Administrative Dissolution" for regular businesses.

Upon termination of an entity via an administrative dissolution, all powers and privileges attached to the LLC or a corporation no longer exist.

North Carolina does not impose a late fee on a delinquent annual report.

The person responsible for the LLC will have 60 days from the date of the late notice to file the annual report or provide a reason(s) why the LLC is not delinquent with the SOS. If the report is not filed by June 14 or by the end of the 60-day notice, the State of North Carolina has the authority to dissolve the LLC.

The North Carolina Secretary of State periodically reviews its internal records of limited liability companies. The purpose is to identify those businesses that are late or delinquent with the state's filing requirements. 

While an LLC remains in business, it is beneficial to the officers and/or owners to maintain the business and keep it in good standing. If the integrity of the business isn't maintained, it can lead to personal liability situations involving the owners and/or officers of the LLC. 


Q. When are annual reports due?

A. The due date will depend upon the type of business entity you are operating. A limited liability company, a regular corporation, or an S Corporation may have a different due date. 

Q. If my LLC is dissolved due to not filing an annual report, can it be reinstated?

A. Yes. A business entity has up to five years to file all past due reports. 

Q. How do I update my registered agent's information in my annual report?

A. On the SOS website, print out the pre-populated annual report filed on the website. Update the registered agent information, have the agent sign it once the changes are made, and then mail the form along with the filing fee to the Secretary of State. 

Q. What is the fee for filing an annual report in North Carolina?

A. The current fee is $200 if filing by mail. The fee for filing online is $202.

Q. Is there a number I can call for more information?

A. You can contact the Secretary of State by calling 919-814-5400 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

Q. Will I get a receipt noting I submitted my annual report when filing online or by mail?

A. If you file online, the system generates a "success" message letting you know the report was accepted. You can then print a copy for your records. If you mail your annual report to the SOS, you will not receive a receipt acknowledging the documents arrived. You can check the SOS website and download a copy of your annual report a few days after you've submitted it.

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