Your North Carolina annual report is meant to provide up to date information about your business.

Filing Fees

Several fees are required when submitting your annual report:

  • The first is a $200 dollar filing fee.
  • For both domestic and foreign NC corporations, there is a $25 mailed fee and a $20 online fee.
  • For NC LLCs, both foreign and domestic, there is a $200 mailed fee and a $202 fee when paying online.
  • LPs, PCs, and PLLCs, as well as non-profits, are not required to file annual reports in North Carolina.

The renewal fees for North Carolina charities are based on the yearly contributions the charity has received, with fees ranging between $0 and $200.

Due Date

The due date for your annual report is April 15th of every year. However, new LLCs are not required to report until a year after their establishment.

For charities in North Carolina, the renewal date is the anniversary of the date where the license was issued. 65 days before your anniversary date, you will receive a renewal package from the state.

The due date of your annual report is linked to the current year instead of the fiscal year. After your LLC has been incorporated, your initial annual report must be submitted on April 15th of the following year and then on this same date every year after.

Paying attention to renewal notices is important because businesses that miss their due date will need to correct the issue within 60 days. If the delinquency is not corrected in this 60-day period, the corporate charter will be cancelled by the North Carolina Secretary of State.

Accepted Forms of Payment

If you wish to pay your fees by mail, you can provide a money order or check payable to the North Carolina Secretary of State.

When paying online, you can use a debit or credit card.

Instructions on Filing the NC Secretary of State Annual Report

To file your annual report by mail, you will need to visit the State's website to print a pre-populated Annual Report form. Then, you will need to mail your form and payment to the Secretary of State at the following address:

Corporations Division

Post Office Box 29525

Raleigh, NC 27626-0525

To file your annual report online, you will need to complete the form on the State's website, submit the form, and then pay the required fees using your credit or debit card.

First, click on ‘File Annual Reports Online', which can be found on the Corporations Division page. Second, perform a search for your company name and the click the link for your annual report. Third, follow the steps provided on your reminder postcard to fill in your annual report.

Those interested in changing their registered agent in North Carolina will need to complete a paper form that includes the new agent's signature.

When submitting a physical form, you can find your form by searching your company name and then selecting ‘Pre-populated Annual Report Fillable PDF Form'. This will provide an annual report that contains your current information, which you can alter if necessary before printing and submitting.

When submitting a paper report in North Carolina, your report should be filed with the NC Department of Revenue with all annual fees. You will also need your income tax return.

Late Fee/Penalty

You will not be required to pay any late fees if you do not file your annual report by the required due date. Instead, your LLC will face cancellation if your report is not submitted within 60 days of the due date.


When filing your annual report by mail, you should not expect to receive a receipt or any other confirming documents from the State. However, you will be able to download a copy of your completed form within a few days.

Initial Report Requirement

You are not required to file an initial report when starting a business in North Carolina.


Corporations in North Carolina will receive a report from the Secretary of State at their corporate mailing address prior to their annual report due date.

The registered agent of a NC LLC will receive a postcard reminder when the due date of their annual report is approaching. This card will be immediately uploaded by ‘Northwest', and then you will receive an email reminder.

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