NC SOS corporation is a filing process that certain businesses should consider. Over the past few decades, North Carolina has become known as a great place to conduct business — both on a national and international scale. If you are considering incorporation, here is what you need to know. 

Steps in Starting a Business in North Carolina 

Standing for North Carolina Secretary of State, NC SOS corporation takes place after two steps:

At this point, you will be able to open a new business banking account. Also, be sure to register your North Carolina company with the state Department of Revenue. If you have employees, you will also need to contact the state Department of Labor. 

Do I Need a Secretary of State ID Number (SOSID) in North Carolina?

Depending on your business, you may require registration with the Secretary of State — resulting in a SOSID. This is the case when you create a company with limited liability, such as a corporation or limited-liability company. 

These types of companies or partnerships will require a state ID number. This also applies to businesses that operate in North Carolina but were formed in another state. However, this does NOT apply to a sole proprietorship or partnership that was registered with your county Register of Deeds. 

How Long Will it Take to Form a Business With the Secretary of State?

Processing time used to be a week or so, but the new normal is closer to two to three weeks. Since this processing time is currently longer on average, many new businesses opt for the expedited filing option. Although you will need to pay an additional $100 for this service, the turnaround time is 24 hours. 

Completed electronically, as soon as filing is complete, you will receive a notification. This is recommended for those who need to open a business bank account the following day or who require immediate legal documentation, including shareholder agreements or bylaw documentation. 

How Long Does It Take to Form a Company in Another State That Will Operate in N.C.?

For those who form businesses in other states, this timeline will be slightly longer. For example, a startup may have begun in Pennsylvania, but the company plans to set up its headquarters in North Carolina. On average, this process will take three to four weeks. Once again, this process can be expedited. However, in this case, fees vary based on the document.  

Starting a Corporation in North Carolina 

To start a corporation, you would need to file North Carolina Articles of Incorporation. This would be performed through the North Carolina Secretary of State; the cost is $125. The basic requirements when filing for incorporation in North Carolina include:

  • A North Carolina company that ends in corporation, incorporated, or Inc. 
  • The number of corporation shares you plan to authorize. 
  • The class of the shares. 
  • The principal address for North Carolina corporations — as well as the name and signature of incorporator(s).
  • The date in which you would like the incorporation to become effective. 
  • The registered agent

When including the NC SOS corporation cover sheet, your documents can be returned via email or mail or can be picked up. 

How to Order a Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation

A certified copy of your NC SOS corporation, also known as Articles of Incorporation, can be ordered via mail, email, phone, fax, online, or in-person. However, ordering online is recommended. 

The cost to obtain copies will be $15, plus $1 per page. It is best to head over to the NC SOS corporation website to better assess your options.  Please note, all Articles of Organization/Incorporation will be sent via regular mail — unless you provide a FedEx or UPS account number. 

You can also contact the NC SOS via:

  • Fax: 919-807-2039.
  • Phone: 919-807-2225.
  • Email: 
  • Mail: North Carolina Secretary of State Corporations Division P.O. Box 29622 Raleigh, NC 27626-0622

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