A letter of acceptance of contract offer is a document an offeree writes as a formal way of agreeing to contract terms. You may write a letter of acceptance when taking a new job or when contracting with another company to benefit your business.

How to Format a Contract Letter of Acceptance

A strong acceptance letter should consist of around three paragraphs. Begin your letter of acceptance by writing the document on your company's letterhead, if applicable. Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar at all times.

Open the letter with an acceptance statement for the employment or business contract. Mention a few deals related to the offer to both personalize the message and open further discussion as needed. You should always close with appreciation, thanking the employer or business for accepting the contract terms.

Don't forget to sign and date the letter of acceptance.

To further customize the letter, include the following details:

  • What inspired you to agree to the proposal or invitation
  • The details of the event, including the time and date
  • The amount you've agreed to contribute if working an event
  • What duties you are agreeing to
  • What activities you might be assisting with after approval

In the body of the acceptance letter, mention any needs you may have such as charitable donation receipts for tax deductions, equipment for a performance, or directions to a venue. If you're involved in an event, you may want to request a list of everyone else involved in case you need to contact others and coordinate your efforts.

Close the letter by expressing how much you're looking forward to the new job, promotion, or event you'll be attending. It might be beneficial to include a line about finding growth from your newfound situation.

A few other tips to keep in mind when writing an acceptance letter of contract offer include:

  • Writing the exact proposal title
  • Thanking the person in the beginning and expressing how happy you are to accept
  • Restating the terms of an employment offer to show the person you understand them

Writing an Employment Acceptance Email

In some cases, you may want to write an employment acceptance email instead of sending a letter. Either way, you're confirming an offer in writing.

Once you've accepted a job offer verbally, submit the final offer in writing before going over the employment contract. Some companies require you to sign a letter of employment stating your acceptance of the job offer, which they keep on file for their own records. Even if they request your signature on a letter of employment, it doesn't hurt to send an email confirmation that you received the job offer and have sent it back with your signature. Doing so allows the employer to know that the process is moving forward.

Remember, a job offer is not binding until it's been communicated in writing. Emailing a confirmation solidifies the offer and restates your enthusiasm for the position. It also keeps the hiring managers informed that you're starting your career on the right foot.

When Should You Write a Letter of Acceptance?

Creating an acceptance letter shows enthusiasm for an open request, invitation, or job offer. Aside from employment opportunities, there are many situations in which you might write a letter of acceptance. These include:

  • Franchising opportunities
  • Admission requests
  • Speaking engagements
  • Privy membership invites
  • Invitations to celebrate or dine
  • Invitations to attend a meeting
  • Wedding invitations

The simple act of replying with a letter of acceptance says a lot about your character. It shows the recipient that you are excited to support the upcoming event or that you're looking forward to your new position.

Commonly Used Sentences for Letters of Acceptance

If you need some inspiration, here are some commonly used sentences for letters of acceptance:

  • “I accept with great pleasure the offered position of [X].”
  • “After reviewing your recent application for [X], we are pleased to offer you the funding request.”
  • “Thank you for inviting me to be a speaker at [X].”
  • “I accept your kind invitation with great pleasure. Expect my attendance.”
  • “We graciously accept your estimate for refurbishing the midcentury sofa. We are happy to hire you.”

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