What is IL SOS Corp?

IL SOS Corp is the website operated by the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State to search for the Certificate of Good Standing for corporations and LLCs. A Certificate of Good Standing shows that a business has satisfied all of the necessary requirements as outlined by the state. You can purchase a Certificate of Good Standing from the website and print it after the certificate has been purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions About IL SOS Corp

Where can I find information about S Corporations in Illinois?

On the IL SOS Corp website, you can do a search for any corporation filed in Illinois. The search will give you a page of details about the corporation including the:

  • The date that the corporation was established.
  • The current status of the business (i.e., is it active, in good standing, closed, etc.)
  • The name and address of the Registered Agent for the corporation.
  • A list of the corporation's officers for the current filing year.
  • A list of the current Board of Directors members.
  • A list of important managers within the corporation.
  • The type of structure that the business uses (i.e., limited partnership, S/C Corp, sole proprietorship, etc.)
  • The annual reports for every year that are on file.

I Need a Copy of My Corporation's Certificate of Good Standing Quickly. How Fast Can I Get It?

You can request a copy of your corporation's Certificate of Good Standing, which will come in the mail. You can also expedite the shipping for an additional $20 fee.

How can I get more detailed information on a company?

If you want to get more detailed information about a company in Illinois, then you can request its File Detail Report where the government keeps commonly requested information about corporations that are not made immediately available to the public. This report includes:

  • The exact legal name of the company.
  • The date that the company was registered in Illinois.
  • The area of jurisdiction for the company's operations.
  • Information about how long the company has existed, as well as reports filed in that time. The name and address of the Registered Agent or Officer.
  • The full names and addresses of the company's chief officers, usually the President and Secretary.

How Do You Remove a Foreign Limited Liability Company From Illinois's Business Governance?

If you are withdrawing a foreign limited liability company from Illinois, then you need to file the appropriate form and pay the associated $100 filing fee. Then, you have to wait until the administrative process is complete.

If you need to speed up the process, then you can pay the additional $50 expedited withdrawal fee. However, you have to pay the fee and file the forms in person at either of the two main offices that are located in Springfield, Illinois, and Chicago, Illinois.

Steps to Use IL SOS Corp

1. Visit the IL SOS corp search website at https://www.ilsos.gov/corporatellc/.

  • This system utilizes the CyberDrive system to allow you to search a publicly available database of existing business entities.

2. Next, you can search the database with a filing number or name.

3. If you are just starting a business, you can use IL SOS Corp to search to see if a business name is available in real time.

  • New entity names must be distinguishable from other corporations and LLCs.
  • If you discover that your proposed entity name available, you can submit a Name Reservation Form.

4. You can request the Certificate of Good Standing for any LLC or corporation that meets the requirements set forth by the state of Illinois for businesses.

  • If the business satisfied all requirements in the file detail report, you can buy a Certificate of Good Standing online to print out immediately.
  • You can also purchase a Certificate of Good Standing by fax, which costs $2 more and requires a fax order form.
  • You can order a Certificate of Good Standing by telephone with a phone representative, where you can pay via credit card.
  • Lastly, you can purchase the Certificate of Good Standing in person, though you'll have to pay a $20 counter service fee.

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