What Is a Concierge Business?

How to start a concierge business - also referred to as a personal assistant business can be accomplished in a few easy steps. It is a popular and lucrative business that provides a variety of personal services to customers/clients. 


Several of the benefits of starting a concierge business include:

  • A personal concierge has the option of working from the comfort of home.
  • Providing different concierge services and the number of clients you work for determine your potential annual income. A personal concierge can earn an estimated $60,000 annually by offering a wide range of services to a large client base.
  • Getting started as a personal concierge is a career choice that does not require an individual to have prior experience, certifications, or special training.
  • A person providing concierge services is in the position to receive gifts and tips from their clients, which is a boost to your income. 


There are several non-beneficial aspects of starting a concierge business to consider that include:

  • A personal concierge may encounter clients that are considered high-maintenance and difficult to work with that requires working hectic schedules including weekends and holidays.
  • Due to demanding clients, time-consuming projects, and unforeseen situations it's necessary to regulate your personal schedule to accommodate "on call" or "last minute" situations.
  • If accessing a client's home, you will need to have liability insurance and be bonded.


Step 1. Before starting a concierge business, you will first want to research, study, and learn the legal components and requirements of starting your business. These legal requirements can range from types of personal liability insurance to insurance covering the business itself. You'll also want to determine the type of business license(s) you'll need prior to opening.

Step 2. Research the demographics of the area you plan to focus your business on to learn what type of clientele you would be working with and what type of concierge services would be in demand. You do not have to focus on just one demographic. You can have clients ranging from large families and corporate accounts to the professional who works from home. 

Step 3. Decide what types of concierge services you want to provide to your clients. These services can range from pet services, such as dog walking, pet grooming, and pet sitting when clients are out of town to arranging travel itineraries for vacations or business trips. Some personal concierge services offer shopping for gifts as well as household items like groceries and personal items. 

Step 4. Create, design, and follow a well-defined business plan that highlights your future goals with your new business. Knowing your financial goals and working towards achieving these goals will help your business be successful and profitable. 

Step 5. Join a professional organization or association like The International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Network to meet other like-minded business owners like yourself.

Step 6. Register your business with your state. You will need to research to make sure no other business has already claimed the name you've selected. For information about starting a business, check the information at the U.S. Small Business Administration website. 

Step 7. Create a web presence by checking for domain names and creating a website to promote your business.


  • What type of equipment do I need to start a concierge business?

You will need a few standard office supplies and equipment such as a computer with a strong internet connection, printer, answering machine, and a reliable phone with multiple lines. You want clients to be able to reach you easily via phone and having internet access allows you to send and receive emails and maintain your social media presence, which is important in marketing your business.

  • Should I use social media?

Yes. Having a strong social media presence will boost your popularity and potentially increase your client base. Social media sites to consider include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Create a business profile on each to promote your business. 

Yes. The costs can range from $2,000 to $4,000. The amount depends on the type of services you'll be providing and the equipment necessary to complete the service.

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