A filing receipt for LLC is a receipt that confirms that you have submitted an application for the formation of a limited liability company (LLC). This receipt is issued by the state agency that handles LLC filings, which is usually the Secretary of State. You will receive it whether you file by mail or online. It is important to keep the filing receipt because you may have to show it in future dealings with the state agency.

What Is a Filing Receipt?

A filing receipt serves as evidence of filing. When you file an application, you will receive a printed receipt with information such as your name, address, filing date, and application serial number.

How to Form an LLC in New York

An LLC refers to a hybrid business entity that combines characteristics of a partnership and a corporation. It keeps your assets safe if your company faces a lawsuit.

In New York, you are required to file the necessary LLC formation documents and pay a filing fee in order to form an LLC. When your application is approved, your LLC will be established and authorized to conduct business in the state. Before you start filing for LLC formation, you have to make sure that the business name you select is available for use. In addition, you need to choose an address to use in your formation documents and the county in which you will publish the required newspaper ads.

The LLC formation document that you are required to submit to the State of New York is known as the Articles of Organization. This is a simple document that contains the following information:

  • Name of your LLC
  • Office address of your LLC
  • County in which your LLC's office is located
  • Address of registered agent, if any

When it comes to filing your Articles of Organization, there are two ways to do it. You can either file by mail or online. If you choose to file by mail, you need to print out your Articles of Organization and mail the document to the appropriate state agency, along with a money order or check to pay the filing fee. If you want to file online, you will have to complete your Articles of Organization on the website of the state agency and use a credit or debit card to pay the filing fee.

You will be charged a one-time fee when you apply for LLC formation in New York. After you file your Articles of Organization and pay the filing fee, your application will be reviewed and processed by the state agency. If your application is erroneous or incomplete, the state agency will contact you and let you know what corrections you need to make. If you submitted a problem-free application by mail, it will be approved in one to two weeks. If you submitted a problem-free application online, it will be approved within minutes.

Filing Receipt for New York LLC Application

Whichever way you filed your LLC application, you will get a filing receipt from the state agency after your LLC is approved. The receipt is a confirmation that your LLC is a legally-established business in New York. The following information will be shown on the filing receipt:

  • Name of your LLC
  • Filing date
  • Department of State (DOS) identification number

The DOS identification number on your filing receipt is unique to your company. You need to use it whenever you have to deal with the state agency in the future. Duplicate filling receipts are not issued in New York, so it is essential that you make a photocopy of your receipt for your business records.

Varying LLC Formation Requirements in Different States

In many states, the main office address stated in an LLC filing must be a physical street address, not a post office box. Also, many states require a business to provide the names and addresses of its members or owners when filing for LLC status. Unlike the address of the principal office, this address can be a post office box.

In some states, a company must mention the type of business it will be engaging in as an LLC, even if it is not limited to that purpose alone. A statement like “any lawful purpose” or a variation of it is acceptable in many states.

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