Sample wedding contracts are examples of legally binding agreements between a wedding services professional and a bride and/or groom.

Executed Agreement

A contract is not considered “executed” until the parties to that agreement have signed it. Until the contract has been executed, a wedding professional must avoid doing work for a potential client. A potential client only becomes an actual client when the contract between the two of you has been executed.

It’s not hard to create your own contract. The first step is to look at other contracts. Several sample contracts are online. Here’s a list of things that The Knot is advising its readers to ensure is in their contracts. It’s a good idea to review this list so you know what your clients may be interested in having in the contract. Reviewing several existing contracts allows you to consider things that other professionals have been successful using. Also, some of the legal language can easily make your contract seem more professional.

Best Practices for Wedding Vendors

If you are thinking of becoming a wedding planner, Upcounsel has some great reading material for you. Some best practices for professionals in the wedding business are:

  1. Send the contract to the couple (or occasionally their parents) immediately. After you meet with the couple, send an email following up on what they want and attaching the contract. This is a good time to mention that you can only begin work once they’ve signed the contract.
  2. Standardize the contract and save it on your desktop or laptop. Have a blank version that you just fill in the names and dates of the couple and their wedding date.
  3. Convert the contract to a PDF before emailing it anywhere. This keeps anyone from changing the important wording that you’ve included in your contract.
  4. If you send the contract through the United States Post Office, then enclose a stamped envelope that is already addressed to you. This just makes it easier for your clients to get the contract back to you.
  5. However, you send your contract, always include a personal note (preferably hand-written) to the bride or couple. It’s a personal touch allowing you to thank them for their business and express your excitement about working with them on this important event.

What to Include in Your Wedding Services Contract

As you look at samples of contracts for the wedding industry, you will notice that all of them generally include the same basic items.

  1. The date of the contract’s writing
  2. Date and time of the event
  3. Name of the couple and their contact information
  4. How you are compensated and the dates that payments are due, and also the amount of any deposit that should be returned with the signed contract
  5. Description of the services, goods and any conditions or restrictions
  6. Cancellation and change policies and an “Act of God” clause (especially for outdoor events)
  7. Signatures of both clients

Anytime you are going to legally bind yourself in an agreement it’s a good idea to get legal advice. Upcounsel has some great articles on contracts and negotiations for small business. It’s important to have a legal professional to ensure that the contract, would indeed, be legally binding. In addition, a lawyer may have recommendations that you may not have thought to include. Remember that your contract should protect you and your business. A lawyer can help you shape the contract so that it is most favorable to your business. Plan to fulfill your end of the contract flawlessly so that you don’t have to refer to the contract again.

Sample Items to Include in the Contract

For the purposes of this sample contract, the company is BusyBee Wedding Planning and the clients are Jessica Alba and Kwame Raoul. Please don’t use this contract without the counsel of an attorney.


This contract contains the entire understanding between BusyBee Wedding Planning (BBWP) and Jessica Alba and Kwame Raoul (Clients). In order to change any aspect of this contract, the change must be done in writing and signed by the complete parties to the agreement. Any failure by a party to enforce a provision of this contract does not constitute a waiver of any other provision of this contract.


In order to reserve the times and dates of the wedding, this contract must be signed and a deposit of $1500.00 must be made toward BBWP’s fees. If the wedding is canceled or if there is a breach of this agreement by Jessica Alba and/or Kwame Raoul, the deposit will not be returned or refunded. Jessica Alba and Kwame Raoul will also be responsible for the payment for any of the material charges incurred up to the time of cancellation.

WEDDING SCHEDULE: All clients agree to confirm the schedule of events for the day of the wedding two-weeks prior to the event. Any changes in location or schedule are required to be made in writing prior to this deadline.


The clients are responsible for all travel expenses incurred by BBWP. Anything over $100 will be pre-approved by the client.


BBWP will do A. B. and C. in fulfillment of planning the wedding of Jessica Alba and Kwame Raoul.


BBWP will do all of the necessary paperwork for gaining a permit for the wedding to take place in the Rose Garden of the White House.


For more information on how to limit your liability read our Upcounsel article on that topic.


Jessica Alba and Kwame Raoul will include a $1500.00 deposit with this signed contract.

  • On January 1st they will make an additional payment of $15,000
  • On April 1st they will make an additional payment of $15,000
  • On July 1st they will make a final payment of $15,000


_________                                             ____

Jessica Alba                                          Date

_________                                             ____

Kwame Raoul                                        Date

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