Sample contracts can be good guidelines to help you create a contract specific to your needs. Every opportunity and agreement may have its own terms and conditions, so you can start with a sample contract geared toward your industry and customize it to suit your particular situation.

Samples of Business Contracts

Contracts should contain the following: 

  • Specific terms and conditions of the agreement 
  • Clear expectations for both sides 
  • Payment specifics 
  • A detailed time frame 
  • Outline of required materials 
  • Specifics of procedures to handle disagreements

Following are examples of different types of contracts covering various businesses and the types of contractual information you'd commonly find on each.

Special Events

A wedding photography contract specifies each party's responsibilities and outlines the limited liability of the photography studio. It has space for the bride's and groom's signatures, and it seeks to protect the interest of the photography company as well as the photographer.

An event vendor contract can fit nearly any event or vendor. It includes room for expansion so that you can customize the form for any particular event.

A DJ contract spells out all event essentials, including the agreed-upon fees and logistics from both parties. Many professional DJs use a standard contract form for most of their jobs.

A performance contract can be used by bands that play at events like birthday parties and weddings. This contract is generally flexible, making it easy to modify to suit different needs.

Home Improvement

Painting contracts are suitable for residences or businesses, and they should include space for multiple painting areas. This type of contract outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. In the event the client cancels the project or contract after the contractor has purchased materials, it protects the contractor from loss.

A floor contract may be used when a homeowner wishes to replace carpeting with wood floors. If the homeowner uses the installation services of a flooring company, the contract typically includes provisions for removing old carpet, moving furniture, and clean up.

A construction contract is best for small commercial building or residential projects. It has basic elements and should have a clause concerning insurance the builder is expected to obtain for the project. It should also have financial clauses that protect both builder and client: the builder has protection from a late-paying client, and the client has protection from delays in project completion. 

A nanny contract covers most of the basics involved when parents hire someone to care for their children. It typically has areas where parents can write instructions as well as fill-in-the-blank spaces. 

A daycare contract is for parents whose young child is entering daycare, typically until the child reaches school age. Clauses concerning illness may be included, particularly in areas that are often hard-hit during cold-and-flu season.

An informal contract is a child behavior contract, which is drawn up by parents dealing with a child who's been shirking duties and/or been disrespectful. It will detail expected behaviors and may include space for customized rewards. Those should be negotiated in advance between the parents and child.

Various Businesses

A cleaning contract is between a homeowner and independent cleaning contractor or housecleaning service. The contract should detail all expected services to be performed and when they're to be done. It should also include cancellation terms.

A non-compete contract may have a default term, such as one year, or allow you to customize the time frame. You might want to amend certain language in it to make it suitable for your particular company.

A business purchase contract can be drawn up when one entity purchases another company. For example, a cupcake shop may purchase a similar establishment in the same city. Contract terms should cover the building acquisition, along with the purchase of appliances and equipment. Whether the buyer will change the shop name should also be covered.

Sample contracts can give you a good starting point when you need an agreement in place. You can customize most templates so that your particular needs are met. It's important to be as detailed as possible to avoid confusion between any of the involved parties. You may want to consult with a legal professional to be sure your contract is legally binding in your state.

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