A payment agreement contract outlines the conditions and terms that are part of a loan. While there are many sections that can be included in a payment agreement contract, some of the most common include:

  • Payment periods
  • Amount of payment
  • Interest rates

Your payment agreement will serve as a receipt that includes the details of the loan. Failure by either to abide by the terms of a payment contract could be held in breach of contract. Whether you are the lender or borrower getting a payment agreement in writing is an important part of the loan process. You will want to create a payment agreement template anytime you are:

  • Planning to lend money
  • Planning to borrow money
  • Making an amortization table
  • Wanting to record or determine the number of payments and interest that will need to be made on the loan

While there is much information exchanged during the loan process, the process can be simplified if you keep the important data and details organized. Staying organized and following some simple steps will help you stay protected throughout the loan process. 

How to Write a Simple Payment Contract

While every payment agreement contract could be created with a different structure, all payment contracts will share the same goal of creating documentation to ensure a payment for the exchange of the product or service rendered. Every agreement will also share some sections that are vital to providing protection. Some of the sections most commonly used in a payment agreement contract include:

  • Contract Identification. You will need to identify what the payment agreement is being drafted for.
  • Consenting Parties. The next section will need to include detailed information about the parties involved in the contract.
  • Agreement. The main portion of the payment contract will detail what both parties have agreed to in terms of payment, as well as the product and services that will be rendered. 
  • Date. The agreement will need to be dated to prove when the payment agreement went into effect.
  • Signature. Both parties will need to sign the contract which indicates they agree to the terms, as well as performing their obligations.

Types of Payment Contracts 

While the structure of the payment agreements will vary, so will the type of payment agreement that may be used. The most common types of payment contract agreements are:

  • Business Payment Contract. When doing business, you will be involved in performing a wide range of both small and large business transactions that could require a payment agreement. Some of these may be part of ongoing business interactions, such as Investment Contract Templates, which can be used by shareholders to formulate payment contracts for daily business transactions.
  • Personal Payment Contract. A personal contract is more often used when handling smaller transactions with fewer specifications and mainly direct payments.
  • Installment Payment Contract. If the payment agreement you are creating is based on installments, an installment payment contract can help you number the payments and determine amounts and interest that will need to be made on an agreed payment schedule.

How to Write a Simple Payment Contract Letter

You may come across many instances where formalizing a payment agreement would be in your best interest. Whether you are lending money or borrowing money, a promissory note or a formal document detailing the agreed upon terms of the repayment is vital for protecting both parties. The drafting process will also allow you to negotiate points that may be necessary, such as the exact payment due date. There are other important dates that should be included in your payment agreement, including:

  • The date that the agreement was signed and thus going into effect
  • The date of the first payment
  • The date when each payment after will be made
  • A grace period, if any
  • When a payment is considered late

It is important to include verbiage that gives both parties a clear understanding of what is considered a late payment, the amount of any fees that can be charged for a late payment, and at what point will the late payments be considered to be a default in the loan.

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