NJ LLC registration is required to form a limited liability company in the state. To create a legal business entity, including an LLC, limited partnership, or limited liability, you must submit authorization or formation documents. These documents are not required for a sole proprietorship or general partnership. NJ LLCs must also file annual reports and register for state taxation. Employers outside the state who have an employee who lives in NJ must submit pages 17 to 19 of Form NJ-REG with their tax return.

Recording New Business Entities

All new business entities in New Jersey, including LLCs, must perform the following:

  • File formation or authorization paperwork, which can be done online. 
  • The filing fee is $125 for domestic businesses and foreign (out-of-state) businesses and non-profits and $75 for domestic non-profits. 
  • The forms can also be downloaded from the state's Business Registration Packet. 
  • Foreign businesses without state tax nexus can receive a Business Registration Certificate by filing step 2 of paper form NJ-REG. Doing so triggers a nexus review from the Division of Taxation.

Registering for Taxation and Employment

All NJ businesses must file Form NJ-REG to ensure registration with the proper tax authorities and the receipt of necessary returns and notices. Businesses that have employees must obtain a federal employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS, which is also used for tax identification purposes with the state. You can either apply for an EIN directly with the IRS or request it when you fill out the NJ-REG form online. You must submit Form NJ-REG within 60 days of filing forms to create your LLC.

Proof of Registration

The Business Registration Certificate is received after you file an approved form NJ-REG. This certificate is required to contract with all public agencies in New Jersey, including state and local governments, local school boards, and universities and colleges as well as casinos.

Flea Markets and Seasonal Operations

Temporary business registrations are not available for flea markets and other seasonal businesses. These businesses must also file as public entities and register for taxation and employment.

Choosing a Name for Your Business

Search the names of registered NJ businesses online to choose a name that isn't already in use. The online search is free, but you can request a fee-based search by calling 609.292.9292. The name you choose must end with the words Limited Liability Company or its abbreviations (L.L.C. or LLC). 

When you've chosen a name for your LLC, you can reserve it with the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services for 120 days by filing an Application for Reservation of Name. This carries a $50 fee and can be filed online or through postal mail.

If you are registering to do business in New Jersey after forming the entity in another state, you must use the exact same name. If that name is already in use by an NJ business, you must file to do business under an alternate name. This is known as DBA or doing business as. This option is not available to domestic NJ LLCs. Foreign businesses registering under DBA in NJ may not do so online.

Sole proprietorships can register a trade name through their local county clerk's office.

Complete the Public Records Filing

NJ LLCs are administered through the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services of the Department of Treasury. You must file an application that includes the name and address of your LLC, the name and address of the designated registered agent, the purpose of your business, the date on which the LLC will dissolve, if applicable, and the names and addresses of all members and/or managers.

Online and faxed business registrations are expedited, while a form sent via postal mail will require about a month of processing time.

Appoint a Registered Agent

LLCs in NJ must have a registered agent, which is an individual or business designated to receive process service and other legal documents on the company's behalf. The registered agent must live or be registered to do business in NJ. They must also maintain a physical street address in the state. 

Prepare an Operating Agreement

LLC operating agreements are not legally required in NJ but are recommended if you have more than one owner.

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