Name partner is a partner whose name is part of the official name of a partnership.

What Does Of Counsel Mean: The Types of Attorneys That Are Of Counsel

Of Counsel is an interesting role. By definition, it is neither a partner nor an associate. It's a title traditionally given to attorneys who do not have much business but are still involved in the firm. This type of attorney is also not as accountable as other types of partners need to be. The role of someone who is “Of Counsel” also varies depending on the standard of the firm. The quality of the law firms also often defines what types of attorneys are given this title.

What Is a Non-Equity Partner? The Types of Attorneys That Are Non-Equity Partners

Being of counsel is probably a more secure position inside a law firm if someone wants to last long-term. A non-equity partner, on the other hand, is like being an associate with a more challenging role. This type of attorney needs to bring in more business to the law firm.

Comparing a non-equity partner and of counsel, the biggest difference is that a non-equity partner has the goal and determination to potentially be an equity partner. They have social and interpersonal skills and are also eager to work extremely hard and have good legal skills.

What Is an Equity Partner? The Types of Attorneys That Are Equity Partners

Being an equity partner is different. In terms of expectations, equity partners in huge law firms have to perform beyond or close to what the firm set for its standards. An equity partner has an outstanding reputation inside and outside of the law firm. It is someone who is also capable of fulfilling greater responsibilities and initiating business decisions. An equity partner should also be able to pitch to large potential clients and make money for the firm. This type of attorney is also supportive and helps assess non-equity partners and associates.

The Benefits of Partnership

There are several benefits to being a partner in a law firm. It meant an increase in pay, distinction of responsibilities, and becoming one of the owners of the firm. But now, it seems this has changed, and making partner doesn't mean what it used to. It is no longer a golden ticket in a career.

Becoming a partner is now more difficult than ever. It takes longer with a lot stricter demands. Another factor that contributes to this is the changing workforce. Young people entering law firms want various things from their jobs. It isn't about loyalty to one company anymore, but new hires are more focused on building a career that supports their principles. It means job-hopping – and that takes more years for an attorney to become partner.

The Five Things You Must Do to Make Partner

These are the five things that every associate should practice if they hope to make partner one day.

  1. Create a long-term plan that reflects your desirable outcome. To become a partner, you need to acquire the skills, leadership, and network. Also, use all the opportunities to develop your skill set and improve the areas that will help you to be an attractive partner prospect.
  2. Build substantial relationships. As a partnership, law firms survive on relationships. Potential partners need to have the ability to build genuine dealings and connections. It can be between partners, client and partner, and partner and young associates.
  3. Show to the firm that you are a team player. You were given responsibility because the firm believes in your integrity and ability.
  4. Live a well-balanced life. To become a partner, it takes a tremendous amount of hours. It's like climbing a mountain. Once you become a partner, there are still a lot of mountains ahead of you. A partner is one of the most stressful jobs. Make sure to balance your life. Start at home, and make it a place to relax and unwind.
  5. Be accountable. Don't avoid responsibility because you see it as unimportant. Show to the firm that you are committed to the implementation of something even if it doesn't have any direct benefits to you. If you do, the firm will then trust you with their billion-dollar deals.

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