Picking a name for LLC is a process that requires proper research to not only make sure you meet state requirements for your business name but also find a name that fits best with your products or services. One of the first steps in choosing your business name is to start out with a brainstorming session. 

During a brainstorm, it is important to put down any name ideas you have. At this point it is not about judging, choosing, or weighing the decision, it is about coming up with a starting list of the first names you think of. After the brainstorming session, you will want to eliminate any names that you realize are your least viable options until you get your list down to several names that you can put through the next steps.

When narrowing down your name options, you will need to make sure that they fall within the legal parameters the state has for naming your LLC. One of the most important legal requirements when choosing your name is making sure that there is no other registered entity in the state that has that name or a similar version of it. This is when your list becomes important as you can use it to search all of your possible names at one time through the Secretary of State Corporate Division website in the state where you are registering your LLC.

Some other legal requirements that your name must follow include:

  • Having Limited Liability Company, Ltd. Liability Co., Limited Liability, or LLC at the end of its name indicating its designation.
  • Not using prohibited words such as bank, insurance, or university which would indicate that there are specifically licensed professionals as part of the LLC.
  • Cannot use the terms incorporated or corporation.

Creating the Perfect Company Name

There are many things to consider when deciding on the name that will be best for your new company. Some things you will want to do when creating your company name include:

Making it Memorable

You will want to make sure to choose a name that is easy for your customers to remember. This can include making the name shorter and easier to pronounce. You can also add some alliteration to the name or make your name a play on words. Other considerations include choosing a name that customers will remember when it comes to an online search and is easy for word of mouth spread. 

Making it Meaningful

Choosing a meaningful name means choosing a name that connects people with what your business is selling or providing. Since your name is an important part of your marketing plan, make it easy to connect it to your company ideals.

Making it Original

Sometimes an original name is even more important than its meaning. Originality has become especially popular in the naming of internet companies as a way to pique customers curiosity to get them searching for more.

Making it Distinctive

One of the legal requirements of choosing an LLC name is that it is distinctive from any other company name in the state. To check your name, you can use state online business database name searches, and trademark name searched to make sure that your name is fully distinguishable from any other business name in the state. If you find the name, you want it is advisable to reserve your business name so that no other company can claim it before your formation becomes complete.

Choosing a Name That Speaks to Your Specific Product or Service

When the customer hears your name or performs a search for it, it should lend itself to the type of products and services that your company can offer them. 

Choosing a Name That Represents What Your Company Stands For

Another strategy business owners utilize when picking their business name is choosing a name that highlights what it is their business stands for. This could be a service quality or even a commitment to charitable or eco-conscious ideologies.

Choosing one That is Domain Ready

With an online presence, an essential part of doing business, making sure that your company name is available as a domain is vital. When going through your list of names check for a domain name and email availability.

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