A Maine Annual Report keeps your business in good standing and in compliance with the state. Every LLC or foreign LLC registered in Maine is required to submit an annual report that lists important information about the company, such as the following:

How to File an Annual Report by Mail

  1. Download an Annual Report form at the Maine.gov website
  2. Enter your LLC charter number. Then click “Create Form.” You can find your charter number on your Certificate of Formation.
  3. Print out the Annual Report form, and complete it, using black or blue ink. You can also complete the report on your computer, print it, and sign it. 
  4. Fill in the general purpose of your business. You can change this detail as your business grows. You can keep it simple by entering a handful of words (such as “lawn service” or “ice cream shop”), or you can be more detailed in your description. 
  5. Fill in the name and address of one or more of your company's members or managers.
  6. On the first page, fill in the date, your printed name, your signature, and your title (Example: John Smith, Member).
  7. On the next page, list contact information such as your phone number and/or email address. If the state has any questions and needs to get in touch with you, this is the information it will use.
  8. Make out a check or money order in the amount of $85, payable to “Secretary of State.”
  9. Print your charter number on your form of payment.
  10. Mail your completed form and filing fee to the Secretary of State office.

The state won't send you a confirmation that it received your filing, but you can check the filing date on the Corporate Name Search page for Maine.

How to File an Annual Report Online

  1. Go to the Annual Report Filing webpage for Maine's Secretary of State.
  2. Click “File a Single Annual Report." In the search box, input your charter number.
  3. On the next page, you should see your business name in red. Click “Continue.”
  4. Enter the general purpose of your business. This is the same as filling out the form on paper, so you don't have to be very detailed, and you can simply enter a few words to describe your business.
  5. Enter the requested information for at least one manager or member of your company. Click “Continue.”
  6. Review your information. You can make changes by clicking “Edit." Otherwise, click “Continue.”
  7. Enter your title (Manager or Member), your full name (this counts as your signature), and your email address.
  8. Click “Continue.”
  9. Double check that all your information is correct. Click “Submit filing now.”
  10. Choose a payment method, and enter all the required billing information.
  11. Your report will be processed once you submit a payment. You should receive a confirmation via email in just a few minutes that your report has been filed.

You can contact the Secretary of State office with any questions.

Annual Report Filing Due Dates

The due date for the initial annual report a business submits is anytime from Jan. 1 to June 1 of the year after the calendar year you formed your company. This due date time frame for an initial annual report is the same for a foreign company that filed a statement of foreign qualification. The due date for charities is Nov. 30.

If you don't file by the deadline, you're subject to a $50 penalty on top of the regular filing fee. If you fail to file within 65 days after the due date, the state will dissolve your business.

If you want to file early, you can do so starting Jan. 2. The state will not send you a reminder to file by mail. You might receive an email reminder if you included an email address on your formation document. To make sure you file on time and keep your business in compliance, it's recommended to set a repeating reminder for yourself.

Filing an annual report isn't complicated, so make sure you file by your due date using the method you most prefer. By paying your fees and filing on time, your business will remain compliant with the state.

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