1. Official Names for LLC Owners and Managers
2. Good Choices for Titles vs. Titles to Avoid
3. Legal Title Issues
4. Business Cards and Communications
5. LLC Flexibility Benefits
6. Explanation of LLC Titles
7. Choose Titles With Authority
8. LLC Membership Interests

LLC titles are important as the title of your LLC can make or break your company. It can be vital to your company to go with a company name that can be branded, whether you are providing services or selling products of some kind. Regardless of what type of LLC you are running, it all starts with the name of your business. With that being said, you'll want to keep in mind some requirements when determining what the title of your LLC is going to be.

Official Names for LLC Owners and Managers

If you claim all or part of a LLC, you are known as a sole proprietor. While you haven't set up a sole proprietorship, you are still the single owner of the LLC itself. Therefore, you are at the top of the hierarchy. If you choose to hire employees or even directors, they will all report to you. LLCs can have only one person managing it or several individuals. In some LLCs, directors oversee the company. These directors are not managers but rather directors chosen by the manager (owner) of the LLC who assist in controlling the overall operations of the business.

If you are a member of an LLC who has management responsibilities in the company, your title would be member-manager. If you're the only member of your LLC, you could give yourself several titles, including manager, member, or member-manager.

While it's common to grant titles to various people within your LLC, these titles mean very little to people outside your company. For instance, even though an LLC member is actually a company owner, ‘member' sounds to many like a title you would give an employee. Similarly, managers of an LLC can actually be one of the heads of the company, but the title gives the impression of a midlevel employee.

Since those titles can be misleading to those outside your LLC, it can be a good decision to not give a title to the person running your company, especially if they regularly deal with the public.

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