How to Apply for VAT Number Online

To understand how to apply for VAT number online, you must first learn what a VAT is. VAT stands for Value Added Tax, and is a graduated tax system which is used in the European Union's 27 countries, as well as the Isle of Man and Monaco.

Businesses are required to add the VAT to the price of most products and services that are sold. This includes business-to-business sales, as well as business-to-consumer sales. It is also required for the VAT to be added to many non-sales items, including commission from sales, merchandise samples, and vending machine items.

Requirements to Apply for a VAT Account

In order to apply for a VAT account, one of the follow scenarios must apply:

  • If taxable items have been created by the register for more than two months, but less than 11 months, and the average value of the items has not been more than R4200 each month, prior to the date of application.
  • If taxable items have been created for less than two months prior to the date of registration, the taxable value of the items must exceed R4200 for the month.
  • If the taxable items have not yet been created, but a written contract is present and the taxable value of the items to be created in the next 12 months will exceed R50000 after the date of registration.
  • If a financial agreement has been entered into with a bank, creditor, authority, or non SA resident, and financial support is provided with the total repayment amount exceeding R50000 over the following 12 months of the agreement.

Steps to Apply for a VAT Account Online

1. Determine whether you are registering as an individual, an agent, or an organization that is established in the state of application. You must be established in the state of application before you can register for a VAT.

2. Fill out the required VAT registration forms online. The forms should be completed and submitted through the Revenue's Online Services website. In some cases, if a paper application is sent in place of the electronic request, it will be returned to the sender and not processed.

Printable VAT Form Types

In some circumstances where an online request cannot be sent, it is permitted for the forms to be submitted by mail to the Revenue Office. If permitted to submit a paper copy of the application form, there are two different forms to choose from depending on the type of company and account that is being requested.

For individuals, sole traders, partnerships, and trusts, the TR1 registration form at this link must be downloaded, completed and mailed to the Office of Revenue Commissions.

For limited companies, the TR2 registration form at this link must be downloaded, completed and mailed to the Office of Revenue Commissions.

The address to submit the printed copy of the forms is as follows:

Office of the Revenue Commissioners

Dublin City Centre/North City Business Taxes District

9/15 Upper O'Connell Street

Dublin 1

After the VAT Registration Is Complete

Typically, the VAT registration certificate will be sent and received within about 14 days of the application. After the VAT registration form is submitted for the company, an effective date will be chosen. The effective date is essentially the date the tax requirements will be effective. The effective date of the VAT will always be on or after the beginning date of the taxable period in which your VAT application was submitted. It will never be before this date.

After registering for a VAT, there are a few requirements that must be followed. If there are any changes to the registration information you provided, the changes must be reported to the Office of Registration within 30 days of the change. Once you have been registered for the VAT, tax returns are required to be submitted electronically, along with any required payments. More details on the requirements can be found in the e-filing portion of the website.

If you have any questions while submitting or waiting for the certificate, you can reach out to the VAT Hotline, which is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM.

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