1. Why Filing a DBA Is Important in NJ
2. Quick Steps to Filing a DBA in NJ
3. Filling Out the Basic Requirements
4. Additional Forms
5. Start Protecting Your Business Today

Filing a DBA in NJ needs to be done when you're operating under an alternative name that differs from the legal name in your business registration.

Filing a DBA in New Jersey is necessary for fictitious business names. This filing applies to sole proprietorships as well as LLCs. Operating your business under a pseudonym requires to a “doing business as” or “DBA” filing. Such calls for a business name to differ from the name a business registered as.

Why Filing a DBA Is Important in NJ

Making a DBA filing protects you and the consumer. Fictitious names more strategic grounds for public branding and a notable identity. Using a DBA is helpful for public advertising and when establishing a social persona. This persona has a legal standing in the state of New Jersey.

Registration protects a business name as if it were a patent or trademark. You will continue to operate as your registered business when assigned a DBA. You must completely register your DBA in your New Jersey district to use it.

The steps can be handled by your registered agent, or you can consider a professional for guidance. Each step requires that you follow New Jersey law and that you have documents for the ownership, use, or application of a fictitious name.

Quick Steps to Filing a DBA in NJ

Start with these steps to protect your brand and to complete your DBA filing:

  1. Seek legal help when deciding on an appropriate name for your public brand. Choosing a name requires research. The Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services is a helpful resource to start with. Names that have qualified as a trademark through the United States Patent & Trademark Office are stored there. A comparison needs to be made against yours and other names before the State can confirm legal status.
  2. Next, file the Registration of Alternative Name. This document gets submitted through the New Jersey Division of Revenue. You can access the document through your closest County Clerk's Office.

Filling Out the Basic Requirements

The data required for this form includes:

  • Name: The current name you're using as a legal business is part of your filing. You must disclose the exact name that you've registered under in prior business.
  • Registration Number: Every New Jersey business has an identification number for tax and legal purposes. That data helps to complete your form, and you must present it.
  • Dates: The dates of your incorporation are required, and your agency will be vetted for accuracy.
  • Intended Name: The name or names you intend to use as a public identity are then provided with your collection of data. Any name registered by another agency in the state of New Jersey cannot be granted to you. Even if the business you're registering has a DBA from another state, a user name, as registered in New Jersey, is not applicable.
  • Motives: There are many reasons to use fictitious names as a business. In this section, you express these details along with why you're seeking the name to do business with. Applicable motives are for advertising, sales, and negotiation.

Submitting your Registration of Alternative Name works through fax or mail. The processing fees finalize through check submissions only. Your completed registration grants you a trade name for using a business bank account with. The DBA title connects to your Employer Identification Number if you also have employees.

Additional Forms

  • The C-150G document is also used for the district courts of New Jersey. This form is effective for only 5 years.
  • Expired C-150G forms are followed up with a C-150R before renewing or submitting a different name.
  • Terminating a current DBA requires a C-150B. This gives a business the right to register for a different title upon request.

All forms get signed for confirmation and for accurate dates.

Start Protecting Your Business Today

A suitable name, to be recognized in your public relations, is an important asset in business. Legal steps are required to protect that name. These steps identify your brand within a court of law. Seek guidance. Protect yourself when branding an agency, and position yourself for success.

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