What Is the California LLC Tax Due Date?

The California LLC tax due date is when LLCs in California are required to have their tax returns filed. For an LLC that has just been founded, the due date is three months after the LLC was founded. After that, the due date is April 15 of every year.

What Is a Statement of Information?

After an LLC is approved, the due date for the statement of information is within three months. Afterward, the owners of the LLC will need to file the statement of information every two years based on the anniversary of the LLC's approval.

What Is Form 3522?

The Form 3522 is a tax voucher that LLCs must use to pay yearly LLC tax. This annual tax amounts to about $800.

Every formed or registered LLC that can do business in California needs to file this tax voucher with the California Franchise Tax Board each year.

The fee only needs to be reported when filing Form 58 if the LLC has gross receipts of $250,000 or more for the year. This fee will be paid along with the $800 LLC annual tax.

An LLC in California should file Form 3522 if any of the following are applicable:

  • The California secretary of state accepted the articles of organization of the LLC.
  • The California secretary of state issued the certificate of registration.
  • The LLC is currently doing business in the state of California.

California Form 3522 Extensions

Extensions when it comes to filing Form 3522 vary depending on the type of business, according to the Franchise Tax Board.

Corporations can automatically be granted a seven-month extension to file Form 3522 if the following is true:

  • The corporation is in good standing with the California secretary of state and the Franchise Tax Board on the due date of Form 3522, and
  • The corporation files Form 3522 prior to the extended due date.

Limited liability companies can get a six-month automatic extension for filing Form 3522. This automatic extension does not apply to the due date for payment.

The LLC should use the FTB 3537 if the LLC fee has not been paid by the return's original due date. The same is also true if the non-consenting members' tax hasn't been paid.

What Is Form 3536?

Not only do LLCs have to file and pay the annual LLC tax of $800, but LLCs may also need to file Form 3536, which is the estimated fee. LLCs only need to pay this additional fee if earnings met or exceeded $250,000 for the year. 

In addition to paying and filing the $800 Annual LLC Franchise Tax, LLCs must also file Estimated Fee for LLCs and Form 3536 and pay an added fee if the LLC makes $250,000 or more during the tax year.

This fee is higher the more an LLC makes. For example, LLCs that make less than $250,000 during the tax year are not required to pay this fee at all. The fee is $900 for LLCs that make between $250,000 and $500,000 during the year. The fee is $2,500 for LLCs that make between $500,000 and $1,000,000 during the tax year.

LLCs must file Form 3536 within six months after formation. Afterward, LLCs will need to file Form 3536 by June 15 every year.

What Is FTB 3556?

If the LLC is filed before December 31 but after December 17 and the LLC doesn't conduct any business during this time period, the $800 fee is waived. Otherwise, this tax must be paid by all LLCs no matter the company's business activity or income.

What Is Form 568?

All LLCs are also required to file Form 536, which is called the LLC Return of Income. This form allows LLCs to pay tax on the income of the previous year. No matter their income, all LLCs are required to file this form. The due date is by the fourth month after the end of a taxable year. Form 568 can be considered a summary of the financial activity of an LLC during a tax year.

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