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Client Connect is a cutting-edge marketing platform specifically tailored for criminal defense attorneys, providing full-service automated email and SMS campaigns.

The platform offers direct advertising solutions by meticulously collecting accurate contact information for individuals recently arrested, updated on an hourly basis.

By enabling criminal defense lawyers to send targeted Email and SMS advertisements to potential clients in close proximity, it acts as a powerful tool for generating qualified new leads and enhancing the law firms' outreach.

With the convenience of automation and a user-friendly interface, attorneys can continuously generate new leads without the need for constant manual intervention, ensuring a steady stream of potential clients.

Additionally, Client Connect ensures data accuracy and compliance, as all the contact information is sourced from public records, and potential clients are given the option to opt-out.

The platform stands out in the market by blending the targeting precision of direct-mail with the speed and efficiency of digital advertising, offering a unique and effective solution for criminal defense marketing.