Twitter Trademark Infringement

Twitter trademark infringement is when you use someone else's trademark on your Twitter account in a manner that may cause people to believe you are affiliated with the owner of the trademark. However, making a reference to a trademark is not necessarily a violation of the trademark policy established by Twitter.

How Does Twitter Respond to Trademark Reports?

When Twitter determines that their trademark policy has been violated, the offending account may face suspension. In certain cases, the person who owns the account that has committed the violation may be allowed to avoid suspension by complying with the trademark policy. The name and information of the violating account holder may be included in the infringement report.

There is a separate Trademark Policy for Promoted Ads that is used for trademark violations in Twitter Ads.

Twitter will only investigate a claim that has been submitted by the person who holds the trademark or their representative.

What Is Not a Trademark Violation?

You will not necessarily be in violation of Twitter's trademark policy if you reference a trademark.

Exceptions include:

  • Using or referencing a trademark in a manner that is not covered by the trademark registration.
  • Fair use of the trademark, including news or parody, if it is clear that your account is distinct from the trademark holder.

How Do I Report a Trademark Policy Violation?

Your first option to report Twitter trademark infringement is using the Trademark Issue support form. Using this form is the best way to submit all the necessary information for processing the claim. If you fail to provide needed information in the support form, Twitter will send you a follow-up request. However, this will delay your infringement claim.

Some violations can be reported directly from the offending profile or tweet. Violations that can be reported in this manner include:

  • Abusive content
  • Ads that could be considered inappropriate
  • Spam
  • Impersonation
  • Self-harm

You cannot report a trademark violation unless your mark has been registered federally or internationally. Registered trademark holders do not need a Twitter account to report a violation of their mark.

How to Report Profiles for Violation

If you want to report a profile for violation, you first need to open the offending profile. On the Twitter website or the Android application, click the overflow icon. If you are using the iOS app, click the gear icon. Choose the Report option, and then choose the issue that you are reporting.

If you are reporting harmful or abusive actions, you will need to provide further information related to your issue. You may also need to provide context by selecting Tweets from your account.

After your report has been submitted, you will be given recommendations for improving your experience on Twitter.

How to Report a Tweet in a Moment for Violations

Find the Tweet in the Moment that you want to report as a violation. Find and click the icon that looks like a downward arrow. Click Report Tweet. Select the issue that you want to report.

How to Report Multiple Components of a Moment for Violations

You can report multiple components of a Moment by visiting the Moments reporting form. Enter the URL of the Moment that you wish to report. Select the issue. Select as many as five Tweets in the Moment that are in violation of Twitter's policy. Submit the report.

Username Squatting Policy

Twitter rules prohibit a practice known as username squatting. It is not considered name squatting or impersonation when an account does not possess a profile image, has posted no updates, and is not being used to mislead other Twitter users. Squatted usernames will only be released in trademark infringement cases. If you want to report username squatting as part of a trademark infringement case, you should consult Twitter policy.

Attempting to buy or sell usernames is prohibited by Twitter and will result in your account being suspended.

You can use the Twitter support form to report username squatting.

How to Claim Your Trademark on Twitter

Many large companies make use of Twitter. Twitter is a very effective marketing tool and can also be used for customer service. To claim your trademark, you will need to sign up for a Twitter account, confirm your information, and then customize your profile to include your company information and marks.

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