Three Day Notice to Quit

If you are evicting the tenant because of failure to pay rent, you must serve the tenant with a three-day notice of the rent due. You can only ask for the amount that was actually due, so utilities and penalties must be excluded. The notice must also provide the name, address and phone number of the person to whom the rent must be paid, or the name, street address and account number of the financial institution where the rent must be paid. The three-day notice is also used when the tenant has violated a provision of the rental agreement. If the violation is correctable, like having a pet when no pets are allowed, then you must give the tenant three days to remedy the problem. If the violation is based on illegal activity or other violations that aren’t easily remedied, then notice is an order for the tenant to leave the unit in three days.

Three Day Notice to Quit


To: __________________________________________________________________________

You are a tenant under a rental agreement, expired or current, entered into on ______________ for the property described as _____________________________________________________ in the city of ______________________________, county of __________________________ in the state of California.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that rent is past due on the above-described property which you are currently occupying.  Your rental account is delinquent in the amount of $_________________, based on the non-payment of rent for the following periods: _____________________________

You are hereby required to pay the FULL AMOUNT of rent owed within three (3) days, or remove yourself and deliver possession of the unit to __________________________________.  If you do not pay the FULL AMOUNT within the next three (3) days, legal proceedings will be instituted against you pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1951.2 to recover possession of said premises, to declare the forfeiture of the rental agreement under which you occupy said premises, and to recover all rent owed.  You may also be liable for attorney’s fees, pursuant to the terms of the rental agreement, and the court may impose damages in the amount of $600.  This negative judgment will be viewable on your credit report for seven years.

By this notice, the Landlord elects to, and does hereby declare a forfeiture of said rental agreement if said rent is not paid in full. Payment can be made in the following ways (check):

______ : Payment can be made in person to ____________________________, phone number ______________________, at the address of: ________________________________________
_________________________________________________ between the hours of _______ and ______, on Monday through Friday or ______________________________________________.
Acceptable methods of payment include: ____________________________________________.

______ :  Payment can be mailed to ____________________________________, phone number ___________________  at the following address _______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________.  Payment must be received within three (3) business days or by (date): ____________________.
Acceptable forms of payment include: ______________________________________________.

__________________________________                                                ________________________
Owner/Manager/Attorney for Landlord                                                           Date


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