Sample LLC Names

Sample LLC names can be found online, but you should come up with a list of names based on prior research. A business name is a valuable tool that helps customers or clients remember your product or service. When it comes to naming an LLC, there’s more involved than simply thinking of various names. For many business owners, choosing a name is one of the most important aspects of doing business.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the name must be distinct and memorable. Also, the name should properly describe the product or service you’re offering to the public. Above all, you need a name that abides by state guidelines. When starting a business, you should pick the right name that’s not impossible to understand.

You should start by brainstorming names. Once you narrow the names down to five, conduct research to ensure the names are available for registration. The name should be legal, but you can also operate under different names in the form of a DBA (doing business as) banner.

For instance, your legal name is “Jones and Bob LLC,” but may also file a DBA called “Best Locksmiths.” Further, you may use the DBA names on the following promotional materials:

  • Ads
  • Website
  • Signs

Most states mandate that you include the LLC name with the name itself. To accomplish this, you must include such designations as “LLC” or “Limited Liability Company.” You should also be aware that certain words are restricted:

  • Bank
  • Insurance

The aforementioned words come with additional licensure and certification. With that, LLC names may not mix certain words, such as “corporation” or “incorporated.” The business name may not include “partners.” You may find an additional list of prohibited words on your secretary of state website.

Naming Examples

You must also use the secretary of state website to research other names already in the database. State officials will reject the name if it conflicts with another that’s already registered.

For instance, if your name is “Dan Investments, LLC,” but you already found a company with the same name, then the name is not available for registration.  It’s worth noting that pluralities and punctuation differences do not constitute a name change. The name itself must be wholly original from other names in the system.

For example, you have a name in mind called “Grape Farm, LLC,” but you search the database and found “Grape Farms, LLC.” In such an example, the name would not be available to register. You could use “Sherry’s Grape Land, LLC” instead.

In addition, articles such as “An” or “A” does not constitute enough of a difference from pre-existing names.

  • Example: Your business is called “Print Shop, LLC,” but you found a name called “The Print Shop, LLC.” Removing the article “The” is not enough to distinguish your business from the established one. As an alternative, you should use a name such as “Printing Solutions, LLC.”

Moreover, the use of conjunctions in the form of “Or” or “And” does not constitution individuality either.

  • Example: You have a name called “Day & Night, LLC,” but you found a company called “Day and Night, LLC.” The name is not available to use because changing ampersand does not differentiate your name from the registered one. Instead, use a name called “Sun and Moon, LLC.”

In addition, punctuation does not help matters either.

Example: You have a name in mind called “Peter and Mary Studios, LLC,” but discovered a name called “Peter-and-Mary Studios, LLC.” The hyphens are not enough to separate your new name from the existing one.

Naming Guidelines

One of the most important things to consider is making the name memorable. You can use a play on words or alliteration to make it unique and memorable. The goal is to help consumers remember your business so they can refer you to friends, associates, or family members.

You should also avoid acronyms to avoid confusion. Instead, you can shorten the name into an amalgam, such as FedEx, which is short for Federal Express, or Nabisco, which is short for National Biscuit Company.

With that, you should also know that long names are not necessarily bad. For instance, “T.G.I Friday’s” is more memorable than a business simply called “Jon’s.” Your aim should be to make the name more impactful and unique rather than worrying about length.

For more information on sample LLC names, submit your legal inquiry to our UpCounsel marketplace. UpCounsel’s lawyers will provide essential information on the naming process for your business. In addition, they will guide you in establishing a creative name that’s legal and attracts your desired consumer base.