Shade' Dixon

Shade' Dixon

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Samford University, Cumberland School of Law
Shade' primarily focuses on assisting small businesses and tech startups to reach their full potential and advocating on behalf of "creatives" (musicians, producers, writers, artists, filmmakers alike) in the entertainment realm. My passion lies

Contributing to the integrity and protection of the arts and those who create it; and,

Assisting with the birth of new ideas and helping them become a reality by way of small business growth.
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Work History

Tyree Hyche & Dixon, LLC


Dec 2013 - Present

Tyree Hyche & Dixon, LLC is a multi-practice law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. Our firm’s concentration is on providing legal services in the fields of Entertainment, Intellectually Property, Business/Entrepreneurial law (Georgia Location) and Workers' Compensation, Bankruptcy, Employment, and Probate & Estate Administration (Alabama Location).

Dec 2013 - Present

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