Sandra Stanfield

Sandra Stanfield

Commercial Counsel Licensed in NY & D.C.

New York
Licensed in
Cleveland State University - Cleveland - Marshall College of Law
Experienced commercial counsel in technology and media/publishing industry. Experience in reviewing, drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial contracts including but not limited to NDAs, client agreements, websites policies, vendor agreements, marketing agreements, sweepstakes and contest rules, affiliate programs, influencer agreements, photo/video/model releases, employment and agency agreements, etc.

In-house counsel experience advising and performing day-to-day legal transactional work across business team at publicly traded wedding media/technology company based in the United States. Also have experience advising small
… read more startup service-based and e-commerce businesses.
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Work History

Sandra Stanfield Law Studio P.C.

Principal Attorney/Owner

Dec 2016 - Present

A boutique law studio working with women entrepreneurs running online businesses. Assist clients with business setup/formation, contract review and drafting, Trademark & Copyright Registration and Legal Business coaching services.

Dec 2016 - Present

XO Group Inc.

In House Counsel

Aug 2014 - Present

In-House Counsel and lead attorney supporting, advising and performing commercial/transactional work in the areas of all E-Commerce Affiliates, Marketing/Promotions, Local Advertising, Events, Sweepstakes/Giveaways, Employment/Agency arrangements and NDA initiatives.

Aug 2014 - Present

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