Ric Gruber Jr

Ric Gruber Jr

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
The John Marshall Law School
Attorney licensed in California & Illinois with a LLM in Information Technology and Privacy Law.

Ric's practice focuses on transactional IP and other IP related issues, information technology and privacy compliance, advertising law as well as franchising, restaurant and hospitality.

Ric is a founder of FUND Conference, Brandless, Bricks Wood Fired Pizza, and is involved with startups, including Infiniscene (Lightstream), DressCodeable, and K9 Fit Club.
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Gruber & Scatchell


Practice focuses on corporate governance, transactional IP and IP portfolio development & protection, developer licensing agreements & EULA’s, E-marketing, terms of use, privacy policies, domain disputes, cyber squatting, digital defamation, e-commerce & data privacy.

http://lawfirm.gs is now http://paskygruberscatchell.com

Fitness Anywhere LLC


Legal research, contract and warranty review, website audit, privacy policy, terms of use, social media and dog policy drafting, product recall support, company IP inventory, DMCA notice drafting, created, maintained, and compiled a domain black list for both internal reporting and usage as well as for support with outside counsel.



Individual client market research, pricing strategies, social media development & implementation, online legal protections & compliance, web page development.

Pasky Gruber LLC

Partner & COO

Pasky Gruber is a boutique law firm focusing on the intersection of technology and law. We offer practical solutions to complex business and legal issues.

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