Nnena  Ukuku

Nnena Ukuku

Attorney at Law

San Francisco
Licensed in
Mercer University - Walter F. George School of Law
I focus on early stage tech companies and creatives. I have assisted my clients from incorporation all the way up to Series A funding.

My focus is to operate as general counsel for early stage companies. This means that I both review contracts for my clients but I also help them manage outside relationships with other vendors, investors, and also government officials.

My clients range from Bitcoin entrepreneurs to Social entrepreneurs and everything else that is in between.
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Representative Clients

Work History

Venture Gained Legal


Sep 2012 - Present

Venture Gained Legal is a boutique law providing a variety of transactional legal services to emerging tech companies (startups) and non-profit tech focused organizations. Venture Gained Legal caters to the unique legal needs of emerging tech companies, angel investors, and others who operate with the tech ecosystem.

Sep 2012 - Present

Black Founders Startup Ventures

Co-Founder and CEO

Mar 2011 - Present

What I do:
Developed overall strategy of the organization, assisted with program development and formation of strategic partnerships. I am the lead on sponsorships and fund raising for the organization.

Why I do it:
I love working with entrepreneurs. I want to help them harness their energy and make a difference in the world. Black Founders enables me to do this on a much bigger scale AND also help Silicon Valley gain new diverse talent.

Mar 2011 - Present

San Francisco Domestic Violence Court


May 2009 - Nov 2009

Created an extensive and unique database of the profile of San Francisco's probationers sentenced to California's state mandated domestic violence programs.

Data was then analyzed to create a 'snap shot', a profile, of those who succeed on domestic violence probation and those who do not succeed on domestic violence probation.

The research is currently being used by Judge Morgan and various San Francisco agencies to guide future decision making for programs that work with women who have under gone spousal abuse.

May 2009 - Nov 2009

Georgia Justice Project

Legal intern

May 2008 - Jul 2008

Practiced under the third year practice act which allowed me to have more control over my cases. I was able to personally negotiate with prosecutors with assigned cases and also make decisions regarding the defense of my clients.

I crafted motions and accompanying supplemental briefs for both my personal clients and also those of my supervising attorney.
My perspective on motions is that every word of the motion should be persuasive. A motion is not a simple recitations of the facts of the case and the law, it is an opportunity to begin to persuade the court on behalf of my client. A motion should be written as well as the brief that accompanies it.

I also assisted other attorneys in the office in various roles such as
-assisted in preparation of trial notebooks for murder trial
-helped manage junior volunteers

Outside of my role as a clerk I also assisted with fund raising by: giving speeches at fund raising events, contacting potential donors and also helping with the actual day of operations.

May 2008 - Jul 2008

Judge Bedford

Legal intern

May 2006 - Aug 2006

Wrote judicial orders and memoranda of law on areas as diverse shareholders derivative suits for international corporations to protective orders for condominiums.

Briefed Judge for civil hearings and assisted with the hearings briefed in court.

Conducted research for staff attorney on novel areas of the law

Handled media requests for information or to observe in court proceedings.

May 2006 - Aug 2006

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