Howard Ullman

Howard Ullman

Attorney at Law

San Francisco
Licensed in
Harvard Law School
I am a litigator who focuses on antitrust, unfair competition, and business tort issues -- particularly those at the intersection of competition and intellectual property (IP) law. These include tying; patent and copyright abuse; issues posed by IP licensing conditions or patent pools; exclusive dealing; refusals to deal; and various pricing issues. I also have extensive experience with federal and state price discrimination statutes (on the federal side, the Robinson-Patman Act).

As an antitrust attorney, I also enjoy counseling clients on issues and helping them avoid litigation. For example, I have frequently drafted antitrust
… read more compliance policies and given presentations on antitrust compliance. I really enjoy the balance of litigation and counseling.

I have authored numerous articles and treatise chapters. I also write an antitrust column for the Association of Business Trial Lawyers and publish my own articles at my blog,

I live in Marin County, north of San Francisco, with my wife and two children.
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