Christopher Rouse

Christopher Rouse

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Georgia State University College of Law
Litigation – Experienced civil litigator for individual and business clients in multiple cases and in multiple jurisdictions throughout the United States for cases involving personal injury litigation, property damage litigation, contract litigation, insurance coverage litigation, breach of fiduciary duty litigation, disabling conditions and disability litigation, probate issues and litigation.

Employment – Experienced civil litigator in employment claims, including discrimination lawsuits over claims of race, sex, pregnancy, religion and disability discrimination, sexual harassment lawsuits, whistleblower lawsuits, defamation lawsuits,
… read more and wage and hour lawsuits.

Contract – Extensive experience in breach of contract litigation, including disputes regarding quality of construction and other services delivered, insurance and insurance coverage, performance under contract, and performance of contracts to construct buildings, equipment or related systems.

Insurance – Many years of xperience in insurance litigation claims, particularly in situations involving an insurance company denying it owes coverage for a particular accident, injury, or type of damage or liability.
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