How do you create a management summary business plan sample? Each business plan has a management summary which describes the structure of the business and names the people involved. It offers important information on the company management and how these people manage the company, along with outside resources that the business uses.

Management Summary in a Business Plan

  • This summary is important to a business plan because it describes the team's competencies and shows their experience which is important to achieve the company's goals. Shareholders and investors are more than likely going to be interested in this kind of information.
  • Once you decide to create a business plan, you have to also think about writing the management summary for the business. Many investors will make a decision based solely on the strengths of the management.
  • Management summaries should have names and titles of the management and those who will join in the future, their pay, consultants that are going to be hired, and management style and structure.
  • The summary begins with the founder and then the managers who will run everyday operations. Keep the summary limited to about five or six who will be responsible for the business goals.

Key Elements Included in a Management Summary

Team leader - This person is responsible for putting together the team. Everything about this person should be written down including their background, credentials and vision. A business plan's summary will show off the owner's experience in the industry. It's a summary of the owner's resume as experiences that aren't important to the business plan don't have to be listed. The important thing is to specify positions, successes, and responsibilities.

Structure of business - Describe the type of structure for your business. Whether it's a corporation, partnership, LLC or sole proprietorship. Is it top-down where information is in one to two sources or horizontal, where employees have more responsibilities? Motivated employees can work better when they have access to information. Smaller business work better with a hierarchy where the information is controlled.

Team - Describe the team that will manage the business. Their skills and business background should be written. Make sure to describe the following:

  • Education - write what is important to the position held.
  • Work experience - write past and present work positions.
  • Competencies - write what's relevant to the present position.
  • Accomplishments - write what has been accomplished while working for the company.
  • Personal data - include details like residency and age. Their motivation is also important to note.

List the titles of the managers even if this hasn't been finalized. This makes the company seem very organized and when investors read this and feel better about investing in the business.

Board - If the business has a board of directors make sure to write their names in the management summary. Describe why each was chosen to be part of the board. Consultants can also help with the management structure. They can do the work of an employee without the same expenses.

A person who's part of the company with a great track record is a good addition to the summary. Board of directors are often people who invested in the company and want a certain control over the direction of the business. They can help bring insight with their business experience.

Outside professionals - Each business uses outside professionals who help the company's goals. They have a stake in the company and should be in the management summary. Write down their main responsibilities in helping your company's goals.

Include any management that will be hired in the future as well. If you know your company will need a certain position then include this in the business plans. If a lender realizes the company is not running well without a certain person, and you didn't state it in the summary then the business will look weak. It's important to not underestimate investor scrutiny and give your business all the advantages possible.

If you also know how much the manager pay will be, then include this as well. Make sure you mention your management style and who has authority over the others.

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