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"The UpCounsel Outside GC is a critical part of our investment team."

Bobby Yazdani

Managing Partner at Signatures Capital

Signatures Capital is a premier investment firm which invests in some of technology’s most innovative companies included Clearspring, Dropbox, Google, Klout,, Salesforce, Qwiki, Bonobos, Masimo, Boticca, Nextbio and SoundHound. The company has over a hundred of investments worldwide across numerous industry segments.

1-10 Employees

How does Signatures Capital benefit by working with UpCounsel?

Each month, Signatures Capital works with Jen to keep their legal work running efficiently, accurately and affordably. Every project and invoice is kept organized under their UpCounsel Dashboard – giving Signatures Capital one place to go for all of their account information.

Jennifer and UpCounsel are a critical piece of the Signatures Capital investment team. A combination of both transparent and lean billing allows Signatures Capital to forecast its costs each month so they can keep their legal under control.

In addition, Signatures Capital has continuous support from their very own legal concierge assigned to their account who is available to solve any issues as well as guide ongoing legal projects.

Time Saved
Projects Completed
Avg Atty Experience

The challenge

Signatures Capital makes dozens of investments annually across numerous industry segments. Due to the number of investments, Signatures Capital has a great deal of legal work each and every week. And because of the unique and diverse nature of their legal needs, they needed a high quality and holistic legal solution with years of experience in technology and venture investing.

The solution

What Signatures Capital needed was an Outside GC with investor-side experience. The GCs on UpCounsel that provide ongoing legal support are an elite group of attorneys on the platform that have practiced for 10+ years and have a wide breadth of experience. Signatures Capital needed general counsel services for 10 - 20 hours per month to address all of their legal work. Therefore, they enlisted the help of Jennifer Wang who has an extensive history of working as investor-side counsel with some of Silicon Valley’s top law firms, so her fit with Signatures Capital was a natural one.

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