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"Our UpCounsel attorney has provided results-focused legal services, with minimal friction, at a reasonable price."

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John Moss

General Counsel & SVP

FinancialForce provides industry-leading cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for companies around the world. Founded in 2009, FinancialForce apps allow businesses to increase speed and responsiveness along every point of a customer’s journey. FinancialForce is backed by, Technology Crossover Ventures, UNIT4 and Advent International.


How does FinancialForce benefit by working with UpCounsel?

  • UpCounsel lets business clients like FinancialForce access the world of legal expertise that resides outside of big, high-priced law firms.

  • With UpCounsel, General Counsel John Moss could compare attorneys and their services before hiring. Rather than spending time and energy searching his network for a referral of unknown quality and availability, John reviewed multiple proposals from qualified attorneys to find the right attorney at the right price.

  • Where big law firms would have brought unnecessary complexity and cost to his project, UpCounsel provided results-focused legal services. Had he used a large law firm, John estimates he would have spent three times as much money and the work would have taken at least twice as long.

Money Saved
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The challenge

Competence and Cooperation?

As General Counsel of Cloud ERP powerhouse FinancialForce, attorney John Moss’s many tasks included a project to analyze and upgrade certain internal systems to align with international regulations as well as industry best practices. John didn’t have the bandwidth to do it himself but he’d been through the process before and could supervise the endeavor.

John was concerned that a big law firm would approach his job by "churning" without focusing on results. He considered consulting with colleagues within his network to find an attorney, but knew that avenue to be labor intensive and very hit or miss. Further, the type of attorney John needed for the project was in high demand, so he knew it would be difficult to find someone reasonably priced and available.

As a one-man legal department, John needed someone competent and experienced to do the work – an attorney who had enough knowledge of the relevant law to work with modest supervision while remaining attentive to John's priorities.

Hoping to avoid the cost of a large law firm, and looking to avoid the effort and unpredictability of seeking referrals, John followed up on a promotional email he’d received from UpCounsel, explored the platform and posted his job.

The solution

Results With Efficiency

Once John discovered UpCounsel, finding the right attorney for his project was easy. John did not want to devote the time or energy needed for a beauty contest (the law firm version of a tryout) for his type of job. John appreciated that UpCounsel let him compare lawyers and their services even though he didn’t have a huge project.

John knew he had found the right pool of attorneys as soon as he reviewed the UpCounsel proposals for his project. He selected UpCounsel attorney Meaghan Zore based in large part upon her excellent reviews.

Over the course of the job, Meaghan produced high quality, results-focused legal work. Where a law firm would have delved deeper into unnecessary details, Meaghan delivered actionable insights including key policies, factual discovery, company statements and employee counseling. She was knowledgeable in the field and very open to working within John’s parameters. Meaghan did a great job balancing what John wanted with what she, as an expert, thought was needed.

UpCounsel saved John money, time and effort. After his experience with Meaghan, he definitely plans to use UpCounsel again for discrete projects.

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