Updated November 17, 2020:

What is a Class 5 Trademark? A Class 5 Trademark includes trademarks which relate to pharmaceuticals and other items and preparations for either veterinary or medical purposes.

Trademark Class 5: Pharmaceuticals

The registration of federal trademarks is governed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). The PTO divides trademarks into 45 distinct “classes” of services or products. The function of the various classes is to assist companies in registering their trademarks into the categories that are most relevant to their business.

Class 5 Trademarks relate primarily to pharmaceuticals and medical or veterinary items and preparations. There are some guidelines to consider when registering for a Class 5 Trademark. This is because there are some instances when a Class 5 Trademark is not used because another class is more appropriate. Consider the following examples:

  • Supportive bandages are deemed a Class 10
  • Sanitary preparation used for toiletries are deemed a Class 3
  • Medical supplies are deemed a Class 10
  • Deodorant for animals or human beings are deemed a Class 3
  • Cleaning substances are deemed a Class 3

National and International Registration for Trademark Class 5

Trademark Class 5 covers the following fields based on national and international registration:

  • Various veterinary and medical preparations and articles
  • Sanitary preparations for personal hygiene other than toiletries
  • Sanitary and hygienic preparations and articles
  • Pest control preparations and products
  • Medical plasters, dressings, coverings, and applicators
  • Fungicides and herbicides
  • Food for babies
  • Dietetic preparations and dietary supplements
  • Dietary supplements for animals
  • Deodorizers and air-purifiers
  • Deodorants other than for human beings or for animals
  • Dental preparations and articles
  • Cigarettes less tobacco, medically necessary
  • Antiseptics and disinfectants
  • Absorbent articles for personal hygiene

Goods in Class 5 Based on Taxonomy

Trademark Class 5 covers the following fields based on taxonomy:

  • Yeast dietary supplements
  • Wheat germ dietary supplement
  • Vitamin preparations
  • Vaginal washes
  • Tooth-filling material
  • Sulfur sticks [disinfectants]
  • Sterilizing preparations
  • Solutions for contact lenses
  • Soil-sterilizing preparations
  • Sanitary pads
  • Sanitary tampons and menstruation tampons
  • Sanitary underwear
  • Rubber for dental purposes
  • Royal jelly dietary supplements
  • Protein supplements for animals
  • Protein dietary supplements
  • Propolis dietary supplements
  • Preparations to facilitate teething
  • Porcelain for dental prostheses
  • Pollen dietary supplements
  • Personal sexual lubricants
  • Panty liners [sanitary]
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Diapers for babies
  • Pads for incontinence
  • Mouthwashes [medically necessary]
  • Molding wax for dentists
  • Mineral food supplements
  • Menstruation bandages and sanitary pads
  • Medicinal drinks
  • Medicinal alcohol
  • Linseed oil dietary supplements and flaxseed oil dietary supplements
  • Linseed dietary supplements and flaxseed dietary supplements
  • Lecithin dietary supplements
  • Lacteal flour for babies
  • Irish moss [medically necessary]
  • Iodoform
  • Hygiene preparations and articles
  • Glucose dietary supplements
  • Germicides
  • Fish meal for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Eye-washes
  • Enzyme dietary supplements
  • Disinfectants for hygiene purposes
  • Disinfectants for chemical toilets
  • Disinfectants and antiseptics
  • Dietetic substances [medically necessary]
  • Dietetic foods [medically necessary]
  • Dietetic beverages [medically necessary]
  • Dietary supplements for animals
  • Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations
  • Dietary fiber
  • Diastase [medically necessary]
  • Diapers for pets
  • Diabetic bread [medically necessary]
  • Deodorizers and air purifiers
  • Deodorants for clothing and textiles
  • Deodorants
  • Dental preparations and articles
  • Dental mastics
  • Dental lacquer
  • Dental impression materials
  • Dental cements
  • Dental amalgams of gold
  • Dental amalgams
  • Dental abrasives
  • Contact lens cleaning preparations
  • Collyrium
  • Cod liver oil
  • Casein dietary supplements
  • By-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or medical purposes
  • Breast-nursing pads
  • Belts for sanitary pads
  • Absorbent pants for children
  • Asthmatic tea
  • Appetite suppressants [medically necessary]
  • Antiseptics
  • Antiseptic cotton
  • Alloys of precious metals for dental purposes
  • Alginate dietary supplements
  • Alcohol for pharmaceutical purposes
  • Albuminous preparations [medically necessary]
  • Albuminous food products [medically necessary]
  • Albumin dietary supplements
  • Air purifying preparations
  • Air deodorizing preparations
  • Adhesives for dentures
  • Absorbent articles for personal hygiene

Registering for a Trademark

If it is unclear if you should register in Class 5, there are other “coordinated” classes to consider, such as:

  • Class 44: Medical and Vet Services
  • Class 42: Science and Technology Services
  • Class 35: Advertising and Business Services
  • Class 3: Cleaning Substances
  • Class 10: Medical Supplies
  • Class 1: Chemicals

To clarify, a coordinated class is one that relates to another class. In their analysis, the PTO determined that applicants filing within Class 5 are frequently filing in these other related classes too.

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