Barry Greene

Barry Greene

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
New England School of Law
I have been practicing law since 1973, with a primary focus in real estate along with organizations that are created to hold real estate, whether they be trusts, corporations, limited partnerships or other organizations. I have also participated and coordinated many IRS Section 1031 exchanges where I acted as counsel to a seller doing an exchange or where i was the qualified intermediary. In that capacity I have developed substantial experience doing various types of exchanges as well.

I also have a considerable amount of experience in the creation of organizations for reasons other than real estate, such as in estate planning and different
… read more business entities, including Delaware Series limited liability companies. I have also been involved in real estate transactions that involve environmental, and zoning issues.

I have been involved with numerous litigation matters relate to real estate including matters related to the dispute over property
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Work History

Portnoy and Greene

Founding Partner

Jan 1973 - Dec 2016

Founding and managing attorney.

Jan 1973 - Dec 2016

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