Stephen Replin

Stephen Replin

Business, IP and Entertainment Attorney

Licensed in
New York University School of Law
Clients hire me to help them start and grow their businesses as an attorney, a business coach, and a business manager.

As a business attorney, I know that you need well thought out contracts that work to reduce the possibility of misinterpretation and incorrect memories.

I protect your valuable intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and patents), This is done with our strong registrations of your brand and related materials, and thereafter, vigilant policing to prevent others from stealing and diluting your brand.

I help you develop a detailed legal plan to budget how much money you will need to have for
… read more future legal work. Ask me what a legal plan is. I know of no other attorneys who provide this service. It is critical to good business development.

As a fast track growth business coach, I focus on fast lead generation which leads to strong revenue growth for my clients.

I would love to discuss the ways in which I can help your business start and grow!
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The Replin Law Group, LLC

Senior Attorney

Jul 2007 - Present

I help entrepreneurs with everything from pre-startup issues of planning and strategy to the startup process of entity planning, and developing contracts that protect the business and its intellectual property. My book entitled WHERE TO GO WHEN THE BANK SAYS NO! is born of my funding assistance for 100;s of businesses over many decades. You will benefit from my creativity and enthusiasm.

Jul 2007 - Present

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